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  • Just read one of your articles on the importance of praise and recognition within the work environment and thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Wray BroughtonGlobal Director Client Service Ernst & Young New York, USA
  • I have just paid for your Employee Recognition book. I look forward to receiving your book … the others I have bought have been so helpful!. Many thanks!

    Natalie GoodchildWest Sussex, UK
  • I just read a couple of your articles on creativity and communicating value to your customers and enjoyed them very much. Thank you. I like finding articles such as yours that both help me improve personally and my company’s position as well.

    Brad RodarmerIndiana USA
  • I certainly am finding the sponsorship book useful – it’s quality information. I appreciate you taking the time to produce such a good resource.

    Gregory Dunkley,Florida, USA
  • Your advice [in all your material] is always so practical and I really appreciate that.

    Anita GoldspinkCanberra, Australia
  • Your book on preparing a top PR plan is really insightful – full of good tips and applicable advice.

    Kim LarkinVirginia, USA
  • I appreciate the material you put together immensely. I’ve been in the communication industry since 2000 and today work as communication director for a financial services firm. Reading as much as I have the time to do I must say that your material [in this communication plan book] cuts away the jargon and helps me educate my stakeholders really well.

    Fredrik SkarhedenStockholm, Sweden
  • What a great resource! It [the book on writing a top communication plan] is the best and most easy to digest information on PR planning I have come across. It is easy to read and has clear examples while being detailed enough to cover the topic entirely.

    Jackson JonesCanberra, Australia
  • Thanks for the sponsorship book I bought off you many months ago. Superb!

    Wing Nin ChanLymington, UK
  • Your material is crystal clear, easy to apply to real world situations and information is easy to locate.

    Laura FragiacomoSydney, Australia
  • Just wanted to let you know that I read your book [on writing a communication plan] and it’s great. I put it to practical use and came up with a strategy approved by top management. You’re awesome, thanks a lot.

    Sead FadilpasiBosnia and Herzegovina
  • My wife is a strategic communication professional with a PR agency here in Kuala Lumpur, and I am a senior consultant with a market research firm. My wife has several years of experience in the PR sector here in Malaysia, and concurred that after reading through your books that I downloaded yesterday that she learnt a lot of new information.

  • Just wanted to reaffirm again how much I value your professionalism, edgy quality and humanness. A beacon in a constant sea of banal me-too-ism.

    Adrian JobsonMelbourne, Australia
  • Peter Lawson Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I just want to say … I just LOVE getting your newsletter. There is always something new and fresh to take away. Thank You!

    Melody BeckwithCharlotte, North Carolina, USA
  • Really, I just want to thank you for writing the aricle about why it’s important for organizations to build good corporate reputations. You explain so well what I want my career to be about. I printed your piece and I keep it pinned to the wall surrounding my desk. I refer to it often, and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work you put into it.

    Andrew PoschWichita, Kansas, USA
  • Had to drop you a line to thank you for your newsletter. I enjoy reading your excellent ideas and commentary. I’ve used your communication ideas in my approach to my clients in my two businesses and have been accepted not as a “salesman”, but rater a person delivering information that educates them about a subject of interest. Just thought you would like to know that you not only help the big boys but also independent owners.

    Dave PreacherPalm Coast, Florida, USA
  • Have already downloaded documents [How to successfully seek corporate sponsorship]. Loving it…, worth every cent. Thank you.

    Patrick KoshoniLondon, UK
  • Thanks for the book. Looks great. I’m a professional event manager and, of course, I have to have PR skills but did not do much formal training in communications. Your website is going to be really useful and I’m glad I found you!

    Teri WhiteSydney, Australia
  • Just a small note to say thanks for the great content. Every newsletter is more and more informative. I am still young in my PR career, but with information I get off the site I am able to keep up with trends as well as contribute more constructively.

    Fiona MukuriahNairobi, Kenya
  • You may have not realised but your research papers on the website about how to communicate with people at work has improved my communication skills tremendously.

    Tran Sai HienMelbourne, Australia
  • Many thanks for selling me the book on creating a top PR plan. It is very interesting and contains a lot of useful information.

    Huynh Minh HungVietnam
  • I always enjoy reading Cutting Edge PR e-News, but this month’s is especially timely with what is going on in my work life. It gave me two ideas that I can use next week to improve working relations and keep moving toward out goals. Thank you so much for an informative newsletter.

    Carolyn MurrayAnchorage, Alaska, USA
  • Thank you very much for your newsletters and sharing your experience in the profession with all of us.

    Dr Kiranjit KaurSelangor, Malaysia
  • Your newsletter is one of my favorite and most beneficial yet! Your information tool offers concrete and digestible language. I think every pr professional can utilize this information source regardless of his/her experience and level of training.

    Heidi PearsonChicago, USA
  • As always, I am so thankful with your ideas that can be shared to our Corporate [management]. May you continue to grow in wisdom and continue to share for the betterment of all the businesses who are blessed to read your articles.

    Bella SagumLos Angeles, USA
  • Always enjoy and devour your publication. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together for a newbie on the block.

    Jennifer CoutleeMontreal, Canada
  • I want to thank you today, because your [newsletter] posts are amazing and helpful to me.

    Kavita YadavIndia
  • Your website is magic and has moved my marketing on so much. Thank you!!!!!

    Fiona HallworthBristol, UK
  • I want to personally thank you for all of the useful information I obtained from your website. I just got a new job in PR and need all of the help I can get. I think that your knowledge applies to much more than pr though, and I was very impressed by each article. I read every one!!! I would love to be able to use you as a learning resource in the future, if you wouldn’t mind.

    Michelle PattonRocklin, California, USA
  • I think your expertise would be highly valued in the UK. Your insight into public speaking is superb. Thank you.

    Alison ParmerWorthing, UK
  • My boss and I love the site.

    Verity Charlton,Melbourne, Australia
  • Kim, just wanted to say thanks for a fantastically informative site.

    Paula HansonPhiladelphia, USA
  • I find your blog very informative and helpful. I am interested in behavioural issues and just read an article on how communication changes behaviour.

    Udaya SharmaKathmandu, Nepal
  • I just wanted to say a quick thank yo for this terrific site!

    Ali GreenClayton, Australia
  • Received the Cutting Edge PR e-News, as great as the first one, highly appreciated.

    Godfrey KaruruNairobi, Kenya
  • Fantastic newsletter – really valuable stuff, thank you.

    Don KnappOakland, California, USA
  • Thanks, Kim, for your regular updates. Your newsletter is great. I make it a point to read it. You have taught us readers so much about PR: things we never knew before we decided to sign up. I am one of your loyal subscribers. I find your newsletter jam-packed with information. It is interesting to read, insightful.

    Archan MehtaIndia
  • I have been on your mailing list for some time, and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your newsletters for the wealth of information and insights they contain.

    Tess DumanaManila, Phillippines

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