Unlock the Power of Social Media for Business Communication

Given the information and communication technologies available, you can foster business communication through a number of tools. Among them are digital platforms. You should prioritize those that not only improve your business communication but also fit your brand image. Channels like social media enable you to reach out to more online users interested in your brand and considering to purchase your offers. Therefore, you can successfully leverage social media as a business communication tool.

However, having social media accounts is not enough to gain the benefits. You need to establish a social media strategy. Check which social media platform is suitable for a specific purpose to maximize your results. Below are examples of how to use some popular social media applications:

1. Communicate in real time using Facebook Messenger

Customers want answers when they need them, and they want them immediately. The best time to communicate with customers is in real time. Having a tool that enables you to reply to customers straight away can up your business. If they need help or have a question, you can answer immediately instead of causing then to wait days or even weeks for a response. In this way you can effectively leverage social media as a business communication tool.

When you use Facebook Messenger, you can quickly respond to messages or questions. How this app works is simple. Once you’ve added a bot to your page, you can easily add ‘live chat’ buttons to any posts or pages on your website by pasting the code provided into a text box on the post or page editor. When someone clicks on this button, it’ll open up a window where they can chat with one of your live agents who are standing by, ready to assist them with their questions or concerns right then and there.

2. Adopt visual content promotion using Instagram

Instagram allows your business to connect with your customers interactively through visual content. This type of content enables you to communicate with online users, which can help you reach new customers. You can also boost customer retention rates, which gives you a competitive edge over your online competitors.

In addition, you can use Instagram to promote your company culture to show off your workplace’s fun side. You can share behind-the-scenes images from events so that people can put a face on the individuals who make up your brand. In doing so, you can attract new employees who want to work for a company they feel connected to.

Moreover, you can use Instagram to connect with other companies and brands in your industry. This tactic is helpful if they have an established social media following or are well known within your niche. With this approach, you can build relationships with relevant professionals in the community, and they may be open to collaboration.

3. Build engagement with your audience using Twitter

Twitter is an excellent platform for engagement with your audience because each tweet has an opportunity to be seen by millions of people around the world. You can use it to promote your products and services and answer questions from potential customers or clients. You can even use it as a way to reach out to influencers who might be interested in promoting your business through their social media channels. We are all waiting to see what happens to Twitter in the hands of Elon Musk. There are various similar alternative channels if Twitter becomes a problem.

In the meantime, you can develop relationships by actively engaging with your customers on Twitter as you ask questions and respond to their comments. Apart from encouraging active engagement with your audience, you can use Twitter to establish yourself, and as an extension your business, as a thought leader or expert in your field. Through such engagement, you can convert leads into sales, which can ultimately increase your market share.

4. Establish a loyal community using Facebook

Facebook is a great way to build a community around your brand because it allows users to connect based on common interests and shared experiences. When you can develop this community, members are more likely to share your content with their friends and family members, meaning that your reach can increase exponentially.

For example, if you’re trying to promote your new product or service, you can create a Facebook group where people can share their stories and ideas about it. This helps you build an engaged audience who are invested in what you have to offer, which can lead to higher revenue. Additionally, you can keep promoting your existing products and services by creating a space where satisfied consumers can give details about their experience.


At this time and age, social media is indispensable as a modern business communication tool. Social media channels can help you communicate with your potential customers, existing buyers, and other stakeholders. With the many available platforms available, you must know how and where to use them to fully take advantage of the benefits they can provide. You can then increase your market share and stay ahead of the competition. Therefore, leveraging social media as a business tool is a very effective way to increase your organization’s business success.

Kim Harrison

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