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If you are interested in reprinting any articles, blogs, or other items in total from our newsletter, please email us at to obtain our permission, providing the following information in each case:

  • Title of the item you want to reprint.
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  • Estimated figures for the circulation, size of reading audience or number of viewers.
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When quoting text from an article or blog obtained from this website, you must attribute the text to the author. Most items are written by Kim Harrison, but some items may be written by another person such as a guest blogger. When attributing the quote, you must provide a direct link to the source, and also mention it was obtained from

You are welcome to republish the title, a brief summary, and a few lines from any of Kim Harrison’s blogs or articles provided the above requirements are complied with, ie Kim Harrison as author, direct link to the item, and mention of as the source.

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Your website is magic and has moved my marketing on so much. Thank you!!!!!

Fiona Hallworth

Bristol, UK

Fiona Hallworth