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Use this great way to introduce a speaker

01 Jun, 2020 Speeches and presentations

Even before you start speaking to an external audience, you should know that good introductions are crucial to effective speeches and presentations because an audience assesses the caliber of a speaker right from the start.

A rule of thumb suggests that an audience’s assessment of the speaker is largely formed in the first 30 seconds of a talk. You can get those 30 seconds off to a good start by a good introduction.

Create the right atmosphere for a speaker to be well received by the audience from the start through a good introduction. It is remarkable how many hosts ramble when they introduce a speaker – they give their life history. In fact, words of introduction are fumbled more than any other aspects of a speech because the host doesn’t know how to do it well.

Maximum impact comes from a concise introduction, when the audience is told why the speaker was invited. This approach cuts out the fumbling background information that is given in many introductions. The safest approach for an introduction is to write a script, as below, to give or even to mail to the host organization beforehand

Effective one-minute introductions

Here is a proven TIS formula to use for one-minute introductions:

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