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“Why do I only hear from management when I do something wrong?”

01 Jun, 2020 Employee recognition

This article was originally published in 2015 and has been completely updated in 2020.

I’m a great admirer of Susan Scott and highly recommend her book, Fierce Conversations as it contains invaluable advice about dealing with people. Scott is former head of training consultancy, Fierce Inc., and her trainers found that one of the most common employee complaints was lack of acknowledgment for good work. This article was by one of the Fierce master facilitators, Jennifer Brewer.

“They never notice anything I do well,” or “I only hear from management when I do something wrong.” It’s not uncommon to find a culture where people are holding their breath, bracing themselves against the next time they’ll be criticized for a mistake.

So, why is acknowledgment rarely consciously and consistently given? Here are some common responses:

  • “They already know – I shouldn’t have to tell them.”
  • “Pay is acknowledgment enough.”
  • “Too much acknowledgment slows down production – it takes too much time.”
  • “I’m not comfortable giving acknowledgment, and some people seem genuinely uncomfortable receiving compliments.”
  • “They’ll think I’m fishing for a reciprocal comment.”
  • “I don’t want to get too personal, want to keep this relationship professional.”

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