Annual Communication Plans


If you want to create a successful annual PR or communication plan that meets the strategic goals of your organization, look no further than this comprehensive guide. This book, written by Kim J. Harrison, an experienced corporate communication manager and consultant, provides the tools and strategies you need to develop an effective annual communication plan.

You will learn to conduct research and situation analysis through step-by-step guidance and practical examples to understand your organization’s operating environment, identify key stakeholders, and set SMART objectives. You will also discover how to develop effective communication strategies and bring social media into play where relevant.

In addition, this book covers essential aspects of annual communication planning, such as risk analysis and management, ethical principles, budgeting, and measurement and evaluation. With the AMEC framework, you can track and analyze your plan’s effectiveness and make adjustments as needed.

Whether you are an experienced professional looking at promotion, or you are new to your communication role, this easy-to-read book is an essential resource for creating an annual communication plan that meets your organization’s needs. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and traps of planning, how to persuade senior management to support your plan, and explore AI tools that will increase your productivity. With the insights and strategies provided in this book, you can achieve the results you want for your organization.


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