How to convince your boss to say yes more often


Are you frustrated from hearing your boss say “no” to your ideas and business proposals? Do you wish you had the power to sway decisions in your favor? If you want to become a more influential and persuasive professional, look no further! In “How to convince your boss to say yes more often,” author Kim J Harrison reveals a treasure trove of strategies and insights to help you navigate the complex dynamics of the workplace and to win more approvals from your boss and other decision-makers.

Understanding your boss is the first step towards influence, and this ebook guides you through unlocking the secrets of their decision-making process. By gaining a deeper insight into their preferences and priorities, you can tailor your approach and increase your chances of convincing your boss to say “yes.”

Furthermore, securing executive approvals can often be the gateway to major career advancement. Discover valuable insights on navigating the upper echelons of management and gaining strong support for your strategies.

“How to convince your boss to say yes more often” is the ultimate guide for employees who want to enhance their influence, persuade their bosses, and thrive in their careers. Unlock your potential and download your copy today!


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