Employee Recognition


Authored by Kim J. Harrison, a business expert with three decades of experience, including employee recognition programs, this helpful and detailed book provides practical and proven strategies to recognize and value employees’ contributions. The program outlined in the book is easy to implement, low-cost, and delivers significant benefits, making it a valuable resource for managers, supervisors, and peers in any workplace.

“Employee Recognition: The secret to great team performance” provides a comprehensive methodology for designing and executing an effective employee recognition program that goes beyond occasional compliments and pats on the back. In these easy-to-read pages, readers will learn how to systematically and authentically notice, acknowledge, and recognize employees for work well done.

The book covers a range of topics, including the fundamentals of appreciation as a human need, the benefits of employee recognition, why recognition is often done poorly, and the fundamental principles of effective recognition. The book also provides ideas and creative award names for informal day-to-day recognition and formal recognition programs covering years of service, individual performance, team achievement, sales targets, special effort, customer service, productivity/production/quality, employee suggestions, attendance and safety, and retirements.

“Employee Recognition: The secret to great team performance” stands out as a valuable resource for those looking to turbo-charge their workplace culture with a successful employee recognition program. It provides practical guidelines on how to start and run an effective program, develop a formal employee recognition program, avoid dangerous pitfalls, and utilize technology safely.

Employee recognition is even more important in these times when so many employees now work remotely or in a hybrid capacity, which makes it more difficult to maintain good communication and a strong culture at work.

What sets this book apart is its real-world tips, techniques, and insights derived from hard-won experience in managing employee recognition programs. The content is easy to read and understand, giving you everything you need to get started and achieve successful outcomes.


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