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How to successfully seek corporate sponsorship

Your complete guide to win more funding!

How to successfully seek corporate sponsorship

Finding sponsorship is tough. You are competing against many others for scarce sponsorship dollars. And sponsors are expecting a commercial return on their investment.

You need expert guidance to succeed in this fiercely competitive field.

This helpful eBook explains in detail how you can win sponsors with a customized, proven approach that achieves great results!

Your step-by-step guide to win more sponsorship funding

Looking for proven, creative ways to find more funding for your organization or activity? Support from a corporate sponsor can make your cause or proposed activity financially viable.

This eBook, How to successfully seek corporate sponsorship guides you on the most successful ways to secure corporate sponsorship – in one convenient resource!

You are competing against many others for sponsorship money. Companies get approached all the time by community-based organizations like charities, non-profits, arts organizations, sports clubs, professional associations, and good causes.

So how do you lift your sponsorship success rate?

If you follow the hard-won knowledge brought together in this information-packed 113-page eBook your chances of success will improve.

Here’s just some of the content in this eBook:

  • Crystal-clear clarification of “sponsorship” and what it is not (it can be a confusing concept)
  • Why companies sponsor – and the attributes of your organization that will interest a sponsor
  • Sponsorship is a business commitment that has to fit the sponsor’s goals and objectives
  • Marketing plan template to identify and reach potential sponsors
  • How to create many attractive sponsorship benefits
  • Prepare a promotional plan for the sponsored activity
  • A detailed template for writing two key types of sponsorship proposals – short and detailed
  • How to make initial contact with a potential sponsor – and following up
  • Guidelines on making a successful selling pitch to a potential sponsor
  • How to overcome a weak negotiating position
  • The right way to implement a sponsorship agreement
  • How to promote your sponsors in your event
  • Measuring the success of a sponsorship

And a whole lot more, including…

  • Why preparation is so vitally important
  • How to lay the groundwork so your team is sponsor-friendly
  • The importance of establishing a sponsorship policy, with 9 broad components
  • The 4 fundamental things sponsors want to know from you
  • The invaluable secrets of calculating the sponsorship fee
  • Using social media to support sponsors’ marketing priorities
  • How to develop a strong ongoing relationship with your sponsor
  • 7 ideas for helping sponsors add value to their target markets

Here’s what makes this eBook different…

How to successfully seek corporate sponsorship is a resource you just can’t find anyplace else.

You get the real-world tips, techniques, and insights needed to find an appropriate corporate sponsor and get them to sign on the dotted line.

As you’ll discover, this eBook delivers…

  • Tremendous value. No other resource, at any price provides as much practical value . . . At $19.95 it’s a steal. What’s more, your purchase is backed by our unconditional money-back guarantee!
  • A methodology derived from hard-won experience, which is being passed along to you.
  • Saves you a lot of time! All this valuable information is at your fingertips in this one convenient resource!
  • Content that’s easy to read and understand. It tells you exactly how to bring the information together for the results you want.
  • It’s easy to order securely online. Use your Visa card or MasterCard.


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So many people give us great feedback…

  • “Your eBook, How to successfully seek corporate sponsorship – is a truly fantastic resource. It took me through the whole process step-by-step and made my life a whole lot easier. Any person seeking corporate sponsorship needs your book. Thank you!”
    – Ivan Levison, San Francisco, USA
  • “I bought your e-book a few weeks ago and have found it invaluable. Your material is crystal clear, easy to apply to real world situations, and information is easy to locate.”
    – Laura Fragiacomo, Sydney, Australia
  • “I am new to seeking sponsorship. I am an American Football Coach with a small professional team, and they want me to help out in the front office with sponsorships. I came across your site, and your offered to me was a great value. I can’t wait to dig into it the materials. Thank you.”
    – Coach Miller, Indiana, USA
  • “Kim, just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic information.”
    – Paula Hanson, Philadelphia, USA
  • “Thanks for the sponsorship ebook. I bought off you many months ago. Superb!”
    – Wing Nin Chan, Lymington, UK
  • “Fantastic! Really valuable stuff. Thank you.”
    – Don Knapp, Oakland, USA
  • “Have already downloaded documents [How to successfully seek corporate sponsorship]. Loving it …. worth every cent. Thank you.”
    – Patrick Koshini, London, UK

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