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How to create a top employee recognition program

A proven way to increase employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity

How to create a top employee recognition program

Praise and recognition are essential to an outstanding workplace, lifting team spirit and creating greater employee loyalty, satisfaction and productivity.

This helpful, detailed eBook guides you on how to introduce a successful employee recognition program so your people will be respected and valued for their contribution.

You can achieve wonders by using this eBook to show you how to set up and run great employee recognition activities in your work area and even your whole organization!

Low cost and big benefits

  • Employees love it – they get genuine support and encouragement
  • Fast – you can start activities immediately
  • Easy and practical to start and maintain
  • No-cost or low-cost to run
  • No previous experience needed

A practical, low-cost way to increase employee satisfaction, loyalty and productivity

What’s the best way to lift team spirit and create greater employee loyalty, satisfaction and productivity?

You’ll find practical, proven answers to this important question in How to create a top employee recognition program – in the one convenient resource!

IMPORTANT: A successful program has to be well-designed and well-executed – it involves a lot more than simply giving the occasional compliment or pat on the back.

This eBook makes essential reading for achieving a successful result. In these 87 easy-to-read pages, you will learn how to systematically and authentically notice, acknowledge, and recognize employees for work well done.

This invaluable resource contains all the information, all the proven techniques you need to create an effective, comprehensive employee recognition program.

Whatever your role, from business owner to manager, supervisor or workplace peer, just follow the detailed, practical guidelines. And a big plus is that running an active employee recognition program can cost nothing or next to nothing!

Can an employee recognition program really turbocharge your workplace?

 Consider these 4 facts:

  1. Employee recognition improves workplace performance. A major survey found that 79% of employees who received strong recognition were highly engaged, compared with 25% of employees who received weak recognition.
  2. The “giver” benefits as well as the receiver. An international online survey in 2016 found that employees who always recognize others, recorded 26% higher engagement scores themselves compared with employees who ‘never/rarely’ give recognition to their peers.
  3. Observing recognition being received motivates peers. When employees see co-workers recognized for their contribution, they learn what is important to the goals of the team or organization, and are motivated to behave the same way.
  4. Giving recognition helps you retain quality employees. Companies that have built a strong culture of ‘earned praise’ and ‘recognition’ record a 31% lower turnover rate than other companies. This drives higher productivity and tremendous savings in turnover costs.

Here’s just some of the important information in this eBook:

  • Worldwide research proves the benefits
  • Appreciation is a fundamental human need
  • Why much recognition is done badly or not at all
  • Find out the current attitudes towards employee recognition where you work
  • How to ‘sell’ employee recognition to senior management
  • Key principles of effective recognition
  • Informal day-to-day recognition compared with formal recognition
  • The secrets of successful day-to-day informal peer recognition
  • 130 awesome ideas and 43 creative award names for informal employee recognition activities
  • 55 great ideas and 58 creative award names for formal employee recognition programs covering: years of service, individual performance, team achievement, sales targets, special effort, customer service, productivity/production/Quality, employee suggestions, attendance and safety, plus retirements.

In addition, you’ll learn important guidelines on:

  • The best way to develop a formal employee recognition program
  • How to start and run an effective employee recognition program
  • Dangerous pitfalls to avoid
  • Why technology can be a two-edged sword – benefits and risks

Plus, you’ll get a 16-page, must-read bonus guide!

You’ll get advice, checklists, examples, and templates you can start using immediately. Your bonus guide includes:

  • 5-step formula for giving informal recognition to an employee
  • How to conduct a memorable formal award presentation, with detailed checklist
  • Menu of 61 words and phrases of appreciation you can use for a recognition presentation
  • Guide to wording for a typical years-of-service award, with 5 examples
  • 8 pages of samples including: recognition certificate, recognition letter, informal recognition speech, 6 examples of wording for congratulatory notes for years-of-service.

Here’s what makes this eBook different . . .

How to create a top employee recognition program is a comprehensive, practical, and detailed resource you can’t find anywhere else.

You are provided with the real-world tips, techniques, and insights to achieve the outcomes you want.

As you’ll discover, this eBook delivers what you need:

  • Saves you a lot of time! All this valuable information is at your fingertips in this one convenient resource!
  • Tremendous value. No other resource, at any price provides as much helpful information . . . and at $29.95, it’s huge value. What’s more, your purchase is backed by our unconditional money-back guarantee!
  • A methodology derived from hard-won experience in managing many employee recognition programs.
  • Content that’s easy to read and understand. You learn how easy it is to get going – and exactly what works or not.
  • It’s easy to order securely online. Use your Visa card, MasterCard.

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So many people give us great feedback…

  • “Your eBook, How to create a top employee recognition program is a truly fantastic resource. It took me through the whole process step-by-step and made my life a whole lot easier. Any person seeking to establish an employee recognition program needs your book. Thank you!”
    – Ivan Levison, San Francisco, USA
  • “My wife is a strategic communication professional with a PR agency here in Kuala Lumpur, and I am a senior consultant with a market research firm. My wife has several years of experience in the PR sector here in Malaysia, and concurred that after reading through your e-books that I downloaded yesterday [employee recognition + 3 others] that she learnt a lot of new information.”
    – Peter Lawson, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • “I have just paid for your Employee Recognition book. I look forward to receiving your book … the others I have brought have been so helpful! Many thanks!”
    – Natalie Goodchild, West Sussex, UK
  • “Highly appreciated!”
    – Godfrey Karuru, Nairobi, Kenya
  • “I want to personally thank you for all of the useful information I obtained. I was very impressed.”
    – Michelle Patton, Rocklin, USA

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