Communication planning, strategy and consultation

As a professional, you are likely to be working under continual pressure of time and results.

Therefore, you may feel you need supportive advice and feedback from an expert in communication planning, management and implementation, including your organizational role as a manager or supervisor.

Perhaps you feel that other sources of information and advice don’t fully understand your needs or don’t have the specific knowledge you require.

For instance, perhaps you may want advice and input in:

  • Annual communication plans and corporate campaign strategies, including social media activities
  • Core communication skills such as messaging strategies, writing and publications
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Employee engagement and experience
  • Internal communication
  • Employer brand, recruiting, on boarding and retention
  • Persuasion and influence
  • Reputation, trust and stakeholder relations
  • Media relations
  • Communication management
  • Support and advice if you are a manager, supervisor, or emerging professional
  • Personal, career and relationship development
  • Issues, crises and risk management
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Sponsorship seeking and management
  • PR consulting
  • PR measurement
  • Organizational management and supervision roles, including effective meetings and teams
  • Project management
  • Corporate strategy and decision-making
  • Organizational vision, mission, purpose, values, culture, goals and objectives.

Whether you are an experienced or emerging professional, Kim can help you excel in your role.

In particular, you may want to build up your own skills as a strategic advisor so you can consult internally, and coach managers and supervisors about how to communicate effectively within their workplace. You might even want all your team to develop these skills. Your team members will always be more effective as advisors than merely order takers.

Kim offers you the benefit of his wide experience in solving problems, finding opportunities, and achieving the right results. He is highly experienced in corporate and government affairs management, business management, consulting, teaching, and advising. Elected a Fellow of his national PR institute, Kim is recognized by his peers for his “outstanding contribution to the public relations profession.”

In addition to his practical knowledge of consulting, Kim keeps up to date with the latest developments in communication and business by subscribing to many professional publications.

Take advantage of Kim’s extensive experience as a consultant. You are welcome to make initial contact by emailing him at, outlining your situation and why you think he may be able to help. Hourly rate for consulting, or you can discuss a fixed project fee. No obligation. No cost.

Free initial consultation for up to one hour. Then you can both explore how he could best help you. He will be clear about what he will do and what you can expect. You will be pleased about the measurable results that can be achieved with Kim as your guide.

Kim is highly respected. He is a Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia and is recognized by his peers for his “outstanding contribution to the public relations profession.”

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