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Experts say that virtually all communication is intended to influence; it is no longer considered just a means of delivering information. Therefore, the better we communicate, the more influential we are, and so we are able to form more positive relationships.

With this in mind, the scope of this Cutting Edge PR website covers the wide field of public relations and communication management. Readers around the world come here to read our articles, newsletters and ebooks for quality insights, tips, and tools that help people understand and achieve better communication, and develop more satisfying relationships with others. Being influential underscores the importance of being ethical in our communication.

Reader feedback improves the quality of this website

A valuable way to improve the quality of the content is by facilitating relevant reader feedback and comments about communication. At the same time, it is important to always maintain the quality of the reader experience by maintaining a respectful attitude towards all other involved parties.

Therefore, this Cutting Edge PR Comment Policy is intended to continue a respectful attitude and ethical approach by moderating reader feedback to minimize and delete toxic content in reader comments. If your comment does not conform to our comment policy, it will be removed. Continuous abuse of the policy will result in permanent ban of the IP address, domain, and the email used.

In simple terms, respect other readers: you can criticize ideas, but not individuals. In other words, treat others the way you would like to be treated. And always try to add value to other readers from your comments.

Toxic content

We consider a toxic comment to typically be:

  • Personal abuse: The intention of the comment is mainly to abuse or offend another person or a particular group of people.
  • Trolling: The main goal of the comment is to generate a negative response.
  • Lack of contribution: The comment does not contribute anything useful to the topic in question.
  • Disturbing and inappropriate views: Reading such a comment would likely cause a reasonable person to leave a discussion.

If you are concerned about a comment from another reader, contact the moderator:

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