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What type of logo is most effective?

15 Nov, 2019 Marketing communication, Visual communication

A well-designed logo can strengthen a brand by creating consumer interest, by differentiating from competitors’ brands, by increasing brand recognition, and by appealing to potential investors. Having worked on the launch or change of various logos during my career, I was interested to recently read a Harvard Business Review article about research on what makes a logo effective. The research findings were based on several studies reviewing the attitudes of thousands of consumers towards ...

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Free visual media tools and useful stock photos

02 Mar, 2017 Visual communication

Image: Chasing Heartbeats Photography If you are seeking free stock images for your website, newsletter, brochure etc, this resource from Chasing Heartbeats Photography contains links to a generous number of 46 stock photography sites (mostly free), including a brief description of each. Well worth a visit. (And, in case you are asking, nothing in it for me. :)) In addition, this page of 20 different sites containing free visual images should be helpful. It ...

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Visual content makes you a more effective internal communicator

01 Mar, 2015 Internal communication, Visual communication

One of the managers I admire tries to explain concepts by using a marker pen and whiteboard – in his office or in a larger venue. Vincent thinks visually. I look at what he has quickly presented on the whiteboard in his office and marvel at the way those concepts have become clearer through his use of visuals – diagrams, graphs, and little flow charts. What’s more – the whiteboard images can be quickly ...

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Capitalize on free sources for online images

01 Mar, 2015 Visual communication

Visual images and videos have quickly become important to the usefulness of PR material to journalists and to your own readers. Words used to be sufficient, but good visual material provided with the words makes information more effective. However, it can be time-consuming and costly to find suitable visual material. Helen Nesterenko from suggests 15 different free sources for you to obtain online images: The ancient saying that a picture is worth 1,000 ...

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Get the picture? Maintain a database of photos to use in issues and crises

27 Feb, 2015 Issues and crises, Visual communication

Most crisis plans overlook the critical need for handling visual images. I’m a writer by nature, and I tend to see things in terms of written words, but increasingly the trend is for people to want visual material. And images are essential today for good crisis communication. Reflecting the dramatic increase in the use of images is the fact that people post hundreds of millions of photos a day on Facebook, and the fact ...

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17 tips for better visual communication

27 Feb, 2015 Visual communication

Suzanne Salvo, one-half of Salvo Photography, offers tips for shooting dynamic photos and great videos, two things all communicators ought to know how to do. There’s a good reason why most corporate communications don’t include any images. “Most communicators have been trained in words,” Suzanne Salvo, co-owner of Salvo Photography, told an overflow audience at a recent international conference. But, to be really effective, they need to train themselves in pictures. “The way we ...

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Guide to infographics: 3 essential tips for creating them

27 Feb, 2015 Visual communication

By Aubrey Phelps Although they don’t represent anything particularly new in the presentation of visual material, infographics are a good way to simplify data and make it visually interesting. You might say we are in the golden age of infographics. They’re everywhere, arranging humdrum facts to show connections we didn’t know existed. We share them like crazy, and that makes infographics powerful online marketing tools—if they’re designed properly. And therein lies the rub: So ...

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5 reasons to add images to social media

27 Feb, 2015 Social media, Visual communication

Above: The impact of an article on risk management is made more powerful by the simple, strong image. Visual material lifts the impact of almost any text. However, it can be difficult to find suitable material that definitely doesn’t breach copyright. It's a well-known fact that people are visual. They like things that attract their eyes, like color and images. Make your business memorable with great images. No matter what your business or blog ...

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Use photographs to interest media in your news angle

23 Feb, 2015 Media relations, Visual communication

If you are like most public relations people, you tend to think in terms of words when you pitch story ideas to news media. I know I do. However, often a media pitch is more effective when it is based on a pictorial idea, especially if the news angle isn’t strong. Therefore, when you prepare to pitch a story angle to media, pause to think of any pictorial element that could add strength to ...

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How you can use photographs to create greater impact

23 Feb, 2015 Visual communication

The internet has brought a resurgence of the visual image into our everyday communication. Digital cameras and cell phones with integrated cameras have generated an explosion of images into everyone’s lives. Photographs that accompany text strengthen the impact of your written words. Photographs offer the benefit of instant and powerful communication. They are indeed worth more than mere words, especially when people’s ability to read and write is not improving. Gen Y is not ...

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