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Are we communicators or PR practitioners?

25 Feb, 2015 Commentary, Communication trends, Research findings

The most detailed study of its kind ever undertaken has confirmed that people shrink from using ‘public relations’ in their job title. Analysis of all the member records of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) in 2009 found that only 6.4% of members used ‘public relations’ in their job title. The most common PR job titles The most common term in member job titles, used by 28% of members, was ‘communication’ or ‘communications.’ ...

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Stop to reflect for better results

28 May, 2014 PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Project management, Research findings

Stopping to reflect during a project may seem to slow down progress, but research shows it pays. Very few companies give their employees time for reflection, especially when competitive pressures are escalating. Usually the imperative is to work harder. But Harvard Business School research demonstrates the value of reflection in helping people do a better job. Reflecting on what you've done teaches you to do it better next time. What’s more, the act of ...

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