Proving PR value

Thinking strategically will increase the value of your communication role

01 Jun, 2020 Annual communication plans, PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Proving PR value

Studies show communication is a highly valued function in organizations – but only if the head of PR manages strategically. The single greatest determining factor of excellence is having the expertise required of a strategic manager. Read in this article how to generate strategic value. It is available to you in a convenient Kindle collection of 12 top articles on communication planning and strategy for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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How to get your annual communication plan approved

01 Jun, 2020 Annual communication plans, Communication campaigns, PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Proving PR value

Repercussions from the COVID pandemic have created a stronger appreciation of the communication role in businesses. CEOs have realized that genuine communication with employees and other stakeholders is essential in this fraught and complex business climate. We have joined the frontline of organizations' response to the COVID-19 crisis. Communicators have gained more access to the C-suite, are sought out for advice by other business units, and have gained new stature, according to research in ...

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The wider leadership potential of the effective public relations manager

01 Jun, 2020 Careers, Leadership role, PR management, Proving PR value

Many PR managers find it difficult to understand management issues beyond the level of communication concerns. However, to be fully accepted by top management, you need to think like a manager, understand management issues from management’s perspective, talk like a manager (not use PR jargon) and to figuratively put yourself in the shoes of operational managers in looking at their problems. Above all, you are proactive and assertive, prepared to insist that PR should ...

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10 reasons why PR still matters

01 Jun, 2020 Proving PR value

From "the press release is dead" to "PR is dead. Long live SEO" (or variations on those themes), there have been some catch phrases and other memes going around to suggest that public relations might be going the way of the buffalo. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. The PR industry is going through some growing pains and significant change, but the importance of effective communications has never been more pronounced ...

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How to develop strategic communication capability

01 Jun, 2020 Annual communication plans, PR management, Proving PR value

Build the right team To develop your function's strategic communication capability, you need to bring together a team with the right knowledge and skills, with the potential to develop their capabilities. Your team needs to  be across the use of digital technology and social media. Corporate communication and PR consulting both require plenty of energy, but that energy needs to be directed at the right level. It needs to start with taking a strategic ...

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How to win top-level support for your communication role

01 Jun, 2020 Careers, Managing upwards, Proving PR value, Reputation, trust, stakeholder relations

When I joined a billion dollar engineering company as corporate affairs manager, I found my CEO thought internal communication should mostly comprise propaganda and gloss. He was only interested in good news being communicated to employees. This approach meant that important and difficult issues were not shared with staff, even though the company was struggling as the economy turned down. It was a frustrating time because employees knew the communication wasn’t candid and therefore they tended to distrust communication from management. This experience proved to me how important it is to win top-level support for your communication role.

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You can now clearly show how communication adds to business value

01 Jun, 2020 PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Proving PR value

One of the toughest tasks for communicators is to clearly show how we add direct, tangible value to a business. Communication professionals internationally believe proving our value is one of the most important issues confronting practitioners. Responding to this need, a practical Communication Value Circle framework has been developed, which helps communicators to explain the ‘big picture’ about their role and demonstrate how it adds measurable value to the organization. All too often, senior ...

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Prove the $ value of your communication

01 Jun, 2020 Communication plans, PR measurement, Proving PR value

One of the most difficult things we face as communicators is how to prove the value of our work. The value of much that we do is subjective; it is not measurable, or at least not easily measurable. However, experience shows that communication is more measurable than we may realize. Here’s how to prove the value of your communication.

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Internal communication starved of resources: Here’s how you can gain more funding

01 Jun, 2020 Internal communication, PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Proving PR value

The evidence is in plain sight. Good internal communication (IC) creates high levels of employee engagement, which in turn lifts organizational performance outcomes. Key IC drivers of employee engagement are: Employees’ relationship with their supervisor/manager Line of sight – the extent to which employees can see how their work contributes to business unit and organizational results Involvement – knowing their opinion is heard and is respected. High employee engagement creates around 22% higher organizational ...

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Make the case in support of corporate PR value

01 Jun, 2020 Careers, Proving PR value

Every professional communicator is surrounded by people who don’t understand communication. Executives from operations, accounting, finance, administration, HR, legal, sales and marketing really don’t understand the PR function. Clients usually don’t understand, either. Should this concern you? Yes, indeed. When other people don’t understand your professionalism, then they under-estimate your value. You will find they think PR is easy – because you make it look easy. You do the hard work out of sight ...

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