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Here’s a great way to make creative decisions

01 Jun, 2020 Creativity and innovation, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

As communication professionals we are usually obliged to depend on our own creativity. We are not a service industry like advertising in which account executives receive a client brief they relay to their ‘creative department.’ PR firms and in-house staff usually don’t have this luxury, although in-house staff can appoint consultants to propose creative ideas – at a cost. Instead, we have to be all-rounders in managing the work and being creative as well. ...

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Pause to reflect for better results

01 Jun, 2020 PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Project management, Research findings

Pausing to reflect during a project may seem to slow down progress, but research shows it pays. Very few companies give their employees time for reflection, especially when competitive pressures are escalating. Usually the imperative is to work harder. The communication/public relations role is a classic example of a role always under time pressure But Harvard Business School research demonstrates the value of reflection in helping people do a better job. Reflecting or thinking ...

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How to write a super-quick mission statement for your new PR firm or corporate PR department

01 Jun, 2020 Annual communication plans, PR consulting, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

If you are starting a PR firm, or if you are reviewing the core role of your corporate communication function, you can clarify several vital anchor points as a guide to your forward planning. You can do this by combining the answers to these 4 key questions into 1-2 paragraphs comprising a mission or positioning statement: PR firm 1. What industry sectors do you specialize in? [Factual] Eg “My/our firm specializes in consulting to ...

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Use stewardship techniques to safeguard relationships with your long-term stakeholders

01 Jun, 2020 Annual communication plans, PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Reputation, trust, stakeholder relations

Since many communication activities are short-term, we tend to move on and forget some of our most important stakeholders who will continue to be important. Good relationship management is required. Read in this article how you can safeguard your ongoing relationships with key stakeholders. It is available to you in a convenient Kindle collection of 12 top articles on communication planning for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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New ways to make tough decisions

01 Jun, 2020 Business management, PR management, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

As the business world becomes more complex, decision-making is becoming more complex as well. Just think of the complexities in dealing with risk, issue and crisis decision-making these days. And if you are a member of your organization’s executive team – a role requiring you to confront operational problems – many decisions would be even more complex and longer-term. So how can you use more innovative ways to reach solutions? Various researchers have developed ...

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Solve workplace problems with a positive approach

01 Jun, 2020 PR management, PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Project management

When things go wrong, or potentially wrong, managers and supervisors tend to be critical and look for scapegoats. They don't think about future solutions for problems. I was involved in this type of situation a couple of times myself when I was Corporate Affairs Manager at Western Power – fortunately as a beneficiary in the following case: When Operations had messed up their operational(!) response to a hurricane, they managed to divert attention by ...

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Key insights into implementing PR plans

01 Jun, 2020 Annual communication plans, Communication campaigns, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

When putting your PR plan into action, you need to identify your objectives and execute activities that enable you to maximize the results in relation to resources expended. This article discusses the broad variables of PR project management, including the use of Gantt and PERT charts. You can read the full article in a convenient Kindle collection of 12 top articles on annual communication planning and strategy for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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Boost for measurement – the weakest area in communication

01 Jun, 2020 PR measurement, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

Three excellent initiatives strengthen the amount of information available on good measurement - the weakest area of professional communication activity: Integrated Evaluation Framework The Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) has produced a valuable resource - its Integrated Evaluation Framework. This free interactive tool shows you how to align communication objectives with organizational objectives; establish a plan; and measure the outputs, outtakes, outcomes and impact of your work. The process gives you ...

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Optimize use of your most important messages

01 Jun, 2020 PR measurement, PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Writing and layout

Communicators are always under pressure to produce results despite limited resources. For instance, Trisha, a subscriber to my newsletter, Cutting Edge PR e-News, emailed me last week to ask my advice on this. There is no easy way around this issue. With a given budget, the best a communicator can do is to make the most effective use of available resources. One way to do this is to tightly target your information material. Content ...

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How to use framing to shape your messaging strategy

01 Jun, 2020 Communication campaigns, Communication plans, Messaging, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

Frames provide a quick and easy way to process information to interpret a message. Developing an overall frame for messaging in a campaign gives you enormous power to focus attention and to influence the message receiver. This article contains practical guidelines and examples on developing effective frames. The article is available to you in a special Kindle collection of 12 top articles on communication campaigns for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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