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How to measure your PR team’s performance

15 Nov, 2019 PR measurement

  How effectively is your PR/communication department performing? And how well are you dealing with your internal stakeholders? The important thing is to identify only the matters for which the communication team has sole responsibility. For example, corporate reputation isn’t valid to use as a full indicator of PR performance because corporate communication is only one input into the factors that form a corporate reputation. In fact, other factors are much more important, such ...

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Boost for measurement – the weakest area in communication

22 Jan, 2018 PR measurement, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

Three excellent initiatives strengthen the amount of information available on good measurement - the weakest area of professional communication activity: Integrated Evaluation Framework The Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) has produced a great resource - its Integrated Evaluation Framework. This free interactive tool shows you how to align communication objectives with organizational objectives; establish a plan; and measure the outputs, outtakes, outcomes and impact of your work. The process gives you ...

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Use ratings by staff to improve bosses’ communication skills

17 Mar, 2015 PR measurement, Workplace relationships

Surveys reveal that managers and supervisors think they are better communicators than they really are. Therefore asking managers and supervisors about their communication skills generally doesn't lead to much that's useful. However, by asking their direct reports to give anonymous feedback on the communication skills of their bosses is a different matter - there is a big disconnect between the bosses' self-assessments and the candid assessment of the people who report to them. The ...

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How to measure information gaps in your communication

15 Mar, 2015 PR measurement

Measuring information gaps You can find out how well you are currently communicating on important organizational subjects and whether you are using the channel preferred by your internal or external audience. For instance, it is pointless to use your employee newsletter as the sole channel of information about a key issue if your target audience generally prefers to have a dialogue about it face-to-face with their supervisor or through the organizational intranet or even ...

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‘Snowball sampling’ helps you find and mobilize your unofficial opinion leaders

01 Mar, 2015 Annual communication plans, Change communication, PR measurement, Reputation, trust, stakeholder relations

Senior insurance executive Rob Borden thought he had all the bases covered in his plan to make sweeping changes to his company’s health insurance policies and procedures. New legislation meant it was important to make the changes. He had carefully briefed all managers about the changes and had launched the program with a catchy slogan. But it became obvious a large number of employees were resisting change – the program was heading towards a ...

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10 top web-based tools for measuring PR

28 Feb, 2015 PR and the internet, PR measurement

The PR Daily newsletter ran an article by Barbara Rozgonyi and Pete Codella on some outstanding tools you can use for measuring your PR performance: There are a lot of things to consider when you’re figuring out which type of PR measurement to use: your budget, the business outcome you want, what social channels you want to measure, how many tools you want to use, the insights you want to get, how broad the ...

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How communication audits make you more valuable

28 Feb, 2015 Annual communication plans, PR measurement, Proving PR value

Chances are most employees are dissatisfied with communication in your organization, whatever its size, because nearly all organizations communicate poorly with their employees. Employee surveys report similar results everywhere – only around 40% of employees are satisfied with internal communication. For instance, Rodney Gray conducted various surveys in Australia about 10 years ago and found the positive responses to communication questions in employee surveys were: bank (24% positive), national insurance company (25%), state government ...

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Proving the $ value of your communication

27 Feb, 2015 Annual communication plans, Communication campaigns, PR measurement, Proving PR value

One of the most difficult things we face as communicators is how to prove the value of our work. The value of much that we do is subjective; it is not measurable, or at least not easily measurable. However, experience shows that more is measurable than may first appear to be the case. Plan ahead to calculate the base level A vital action for measuring the value of communication is to plan ahead to ...

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Use measurement to demonstrate your value

25 Feb, 2015 PR measurement, Proving PR value

  As communicators, we invariably have to battle to prove the worth of our activities in dollars. Here’s a case study of how US consultant Angela Sinickas helped one client to prove the value of her internal communication. A division of the former Pharmacia Corporation had identified five goals. One was to increase sales of their highest profit-margin product, a goal they exceeded. They did this without increasing the advertising or PR for this ...

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The myth of relationship building as the key measure of PR

24 Feb, 2015 PR measurement

One of the myths to emerge in public relations has been the view of relationship-building as the key measure of PR accomplishment. The problem with using relationship-building as the key measure is that it is only a process – it doesn’t measure outcomes or results. In the real world, communication professionals are judged by the results they achieve, which are measured in many more important ways than by the relationships they build or strengthen. ...

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