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8 ideas to promote trust and unity among remote workers

17 May, 2021 PR management, WFH, hybrid work

The COVID crisis has forced many people to accept remote or hybrid work. But a healthy team culture is difficult to maintain in this type of work. A positive culture leads to greater employee unity and trust, which in turn lead to more productive work outcomes. Here are 8 great ideas to promote remote worker trust and unity.

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Why team building should be an important part of your employer branding

23 Mar, 2021 Business management, WFH, hybrid work, Working in the office

Your organization’s employer brand is a major reason why new employees join rather than going to another employer. Astute employers attend to their employer brand because it attracts the best applicants for their job openings. Employer branding is how an organization improves its corporate identity, corporate image, and reputation, particularly among target employees. It helps the organization attract the best talents and skills to its workforce. A corporate identity or corporate image is how ...

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After lockdown, should your team continue to operate remotely?

11 Mar, 2021 Business management, COVID-19 Latest, PR management, WFH, hybrid work, Working in the office

Coronavirus-era lockdowns have forced us all to re-evaluate where we work and how we maintain a healthy work-life balance. As unlikely as widespread remote work might have seemed two years ago, this option now defines the work experience of PR professionals the world over. But as lockdown procedures ebb while the vaccine rollout progresses, PR and other organizational managers will be asking whether to return to the office or not. The answer will depend ...

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6 ways to build a strong culture within a remote team

05 Mar, 2021 Business management, PR management, WFH, hybrid work

Team culture matters much more than you might think. Positive work culture and good communication help a team do much more than just implement their projects; these concepts help team members to excel in their tasks and rise to new heights. Culture is "how we do things around here," according to Gallup consultants. It is what makes your organization special and different from others. Teams with positive cultures have a greater sense of accountability. ...

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