PR management

Becoming the boss

01 Jun, 2020 PR management

When we get promotion at work, life becomes more stimulating, challenging and complicated. One of the key aspects of our new role is how to handle the vital relationships with the people who were our peers and team mates. This difficult change can be managed successfully with some thought about the transition. Here are some points to work on: 1. Establish a balance between authority and familiarity Suddenly your relationship with your peers has ...

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A formula for winning more executive approvals of your strategies

01 Jun, 2020 PR management, Proving PR value

One of the crucial tests of a communicator is winning the approval for a high-level recommended strategy, whether it relates to communication or more general management issues. A bullet proof way to present a strategy to top decision makers is to work to the following formula that Jim Lukaszewski, one of the most experienced US PR consultants says is proven in use. The persuasive formula for winning executive approval of your strategies Prepare, and ...

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