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Wellness is even more important for remote teams

21 Feb, 2021 Business management, Mental health support, PR management, Virtual, remote meetings

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit like the biggest earthquake the workplace landscape has ever experienced. Unlike any industrial or digital revolution we’ve known, this pandemic has fundamentally changed the way most businesses work, and it has forced this change almost overnight. Now stress is no longer the exception, but the norm. The increased freedom and flexibility are great (along with the daily grinding commute to work no longer required), but WFH loneliness, burnout, and ...

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Vital to preserve positive relationships when working remotely

11 Feb, 2021 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Employee, manager feedback, Virtual, remote meetings, Workplace relationships

Maintaining friendships at work boosts happiness and productivity. Cultivating these close relationships is even more important now as COVID-19 has led to workplace burnout in every country, and much remote work. The research is extremely clear: We get our sense of purpose and our intrinsic sense of motivation through relationships. Read in this article how it is vital to preserve positive relationships when working remotely.

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6 ways to improve team productivity

28 Jan, 2021 Employee coaching, performance development, Internal communication, Personal productivity, PR management

In the COVID era, all teams need to adopt certain practices to reach their full productivity potential. Here are six important initiatives you and your team can implement to reach peak productivity.

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6 simple ways to build a better employer brand

19 Dec, 2020 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Marketing communication, Staff recruitment

When you build a better employer brand you will gain a competitive edge as a potential employer and positively impact your company’s talent acquisition — 95% of job candidates say a company’s reputation matters a lot to them when considering whether to take a position. Moreover, 50% of candidates would never work for a company with a bad reputation, even if it offers a higher salary. In the current economic uncertainty caused by Covid-19, it’s all the more important that businesses work to strengthen their reputation as an employer and stay ahead of the competition.

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7 tips for managing productive virtual team meetings

30 Nov, 2020 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, PR management, Virtual, remote meetings

Most organizations these days need to hold virtual meetings as well as face-to-face ones. The problem is that not all employers have adapted to the changing business environment and have become accustomed to managing virtual teams. Many managers are still struggling to boost the effectiveness of video conferencing to strengthen their team’s productivity. So how do we get the most out of virtual team meetings?

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Strengthen your career prospects as a middle manager

26 Sep, 2020 Business management, PR management

Caught in the middle: Middle managers have a difficult role complying with higher management’s directives while leading and supporting their own team members. This article explains how you can overcome the obstacles and improve your middle manager career prospects.

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How you can improve middle manager communication

17 Jun, 2020 Internal communication, Leadership and managerial communication, PR management

If you want a high performing organization, you need to engage and inspire your middle managers. They are the key to employee engagement. This is even more important now during COVID-18. But middle managers need good lines of communication from top management. This article explains how you can improve middle manager communication.

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How to make a top strategy presentation

01 Jun, 2020 Managing upwards, PR management, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

One of the crucial tests of a communicator is winning the approval of senior management for a recommended strategy, whether it relates to communication or more general management issues. How to make a top strategy presentation A bullet proof way to present a strategy to top management and the executive committee is to work to the formula below. James Lukaszewski, one of the most experienced US PR consultants says it is proven in use. ...

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How to boost your career by successfully managing your boss

01 Jun, 2020 Careers, Managing upwards, PR management, Proving PR value, Workplace relationships

'Managing upwards' is the systematic process of working with your boss to obtain the best possible results for you, your boss and your organization. When you manage upwards, you show leadership on your own part. Most people know the importance of managing their relationships with the people who report to them, but you would be surprised at the number of people who forget to manage their most important working relationship – the one with ...

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How to make the most of your new promotion to boss

01 Jun, 2020 PR management

When we get a promotion at work, life becomes more stimulating, challenging and complicated. One of the key aspects of our new role is how to handle the vital relationships with the people who were our peers and team mates. This difficult change can be managed successfully with some thought about the transition. Here are some points to work on: 1. Establish a balance between authority and familiarity Suddenly your relationship with your peers ...

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