Face-to-face meetings, negotiation

5 must-have qualities for effective negotiation skills

28 Jun, 2021 Face-to-face meetings, negotiation

Negotiation is a life skill of great importance, but knowing how can be difficult. Visit our article to understand the essential qualities of expert negotiators and to read helpful tips for successful outcomes.

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Impromptu speaking in business may be your most important skill

01 Mar, 2021 Business management, Face-to-face meetings, negotiation, Leadership role, Personal, PR management, Speeches and presentations, Virtual, remote meetings, Working in the office, Workplace relationships

Impromptu speaking in business settings can be the most important and influential verbal communication you will ever undertake. This applies in face-to-face and virtual discussions; and internally as well as externally. However, I have seen people botch this too often. It is all-too-easy to fall into the trap of thinking the agenda doesn’t involve you directly, but the talk may swing your way. Not making a worthwhile contribution, even with informal remarks, can cause executive management or clients to doubt your effectiveness, which may obstruct your career progress.

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