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5 Tips for managing a hybrid PR team

10 Jul, 2022 Employee, manager feedback, PR management, WFH, hybrid work

Managing or supervising a hybrid PR team can be challenging for communication and coordination. It is difficult to productively engage team members when they are based in different locations and are expected to work together in various ways. They need to jointly meet deadlines, strategize for upcoming projects, contribute to brain storming sessions, and to be simultaneously available for meetings, among other things. This article outlines 5 tips for managing a hybrid PR team successfully.

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How pre-employment tests can help you find the best PR job candidates

06 Jun, 2022 Staff recruitment

The public relations field has changed remarkably in the past decade. Hiring practices have also changed as a result – many aspects of traditional hiring practices are quite different now. As the pandemic has led to much more remote and hybrid mode employment than previously, recruiters no longer rely just on telephone and face-to-face interviews for filling openings because they can conduct many interviews over Zoom and other electronic channels. Also, arranging pre-employment tests can help you find the best PR job candidates..

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How to hire the best PR job candidates in 2022

21 Apr, 2022 Staff recruitment

Many organizations have had quite a shake-up due to the pandemic. As a result, some may have had to go through redundancies, and others may have lost employees who’ve moved on to greener pastures. However, with a new year in progress, it’s time to consider your workforce and whether new hires may be required. Picking the right job candidate is important, especially as hiring the wrong person can waste significant money and resources. This article gives helpful advice on how to hire the best PR candidates in 2022 in the current extremely competitive job market.

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6 strategies to boost PR employee retention by keeping staff engaged

07 Apr, 2022 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, PR management

The global PR industry is dealing with a pandemic of its own – how to retain key talent. Retaining talent is the number one challenge facing  PR leaders. What are the reasons for this turnover in key PR staff, and what can be done about it? Find out 6 simple ways to make your PR employees happier, with greater employee retention.

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Qualities in a boss that team members want to see

14 Mar, 2022 Business management, PR management

Different people want to see different traits in a leader. Some want their boss to be relaxed, some want their boss to push them harder. The best leaders tend to blend traits. It is crucial for leaders today to strike the right balance as we face uncertain times in the pandemic. This article describes 10 qualities in a boss that team members want to see.

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Leaders who build strong career relationships earn more trust and achieve better results

05 Dec, 2021 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Employee, manager feedback, Virtual, remote meetings, Workplace relationships

Even in this digital age, the most important deciding factor in your leadership aspirations is to remember that leaders who build strong career relationships earn more trust and achieve better results with all their stakeholders. This applies to communication leaders as well.

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Optimize your remote PR workflow

03 Nov, 2021 Personal productivity, WFH, hybrid work

Many communicators believe the benefits of working from home strongly outweigh the disadvantages. However, transitioning to a WFH environment raises many challenges. In an industry that relies heavily on face-to-face interactions, adjusting to primarily remote communication methods isn’t easy. Nevertheless, you can optimize your remote PR workflow for productive results.

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Tools and apps to improve your PR productivity

15 Sep, 2021 Personal productivity, PR management

COVID-19 has driven change in the PR profession – through the shift to WFH and hybrid work. Communicators have earned more respect in all organizations as communication has been central to effective organizational performance in the face of COVID-19 impact. This has increased the workload of PR pros, so it is in your interest to find new tools and apps to improve your PR productivity.

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7 effective ways to improve your PR team’s productivity

04 Sep, 2021 Personal productivity, PR management

As the world adapts to new ways of living and working in the COVID era, it is vital as a manager to understand what productivity means, what drives it, and how you can measure it. This article explains 7 effective ways as a PR manager you can improve your team’s productivity.

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5 ways to transfer sensitive documents safely to employees

14 Aug, 2021 Business management, PR management

Organizations committing to a hybrid workforce model for the long term will need to consider which tech solutions will simultaneously work best for employees in all the office-based, hybrid, and fully remote modes. Security, reliability, ease of use, and compliance issues are all factors in deciding which toolsets and documents everyone will be expected to use wherever they are based. All this raises the question of document security. This article discusses 5 ways to transfer sensitive documents safely to employees.

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