PR ethics

Take responsibility in public apologies

01 Jun, 2020 Issues and crises, PR ethics

Organizations of all sizes have been obliged to go through the ignominious and fraught process of issuing a public apology. Some do it well, some have mixed success and some are terrible. Failure to understand how apologies work can be costly. Taking responsibility  should be the approach when an apology is required.

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Practical ways to build ethics into PR programs

01 Jun, 2020 PR ethics

Lofty ethical philosophy is fine, but what can you do to be ethical in your everyday practice of public relations? Ethical systems Firstly, there are three broad approaches to ethical dilemmas: The utilitarian (teleological) approach, which focuses on consequences or what action will be best for the most people. It requires people to consider all alternatives and the consequences of their actions. “The ends justify the means.” Advocacy (deontological) ethics is about rules and ...

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