PR ethics

When saying sorry is the right thing for your organization to communicate

01 Jun, 2020 Issues and crises, PR ethics

"I’m sorry you were offended"..."I’m sorry you feel that way." What's wrong with these two apologies? They are not real apologies at all, just a slippery way of dodging responsibility for the problem they caused. Instead, the 'apologies' should have been along the lines of "I’m sorry my behavior offended you" and "I'm sorry I made you feel that way." These apologies show you are taking responsibility for the matter. It's a big difference. Taking ...

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Practical ways to build ethics into PR programs

01 Jun, 2020 PR ethics

Lofty ethical philosophy is fine, but what can you do to be ethical in your everyday practice of public relations? Ethical systems Firstly, there are three broad approaches to ethical dilemmas: The utilitarian (teleological) approach, which focuses on consequences or what action will be best for the most people. It requires people to consider all alternatives and the consequences of their actions. “The ends justify the means.” Advocacy (deontological) ethics is about rules and ...

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