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How to write a super-quick mission statement for your new PR firm or corporate PR department

12 Oct, 2017 Annual communication plans, PR consulting, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

If you are starting a PR firm, or if you are reviewing the core role of your corporate communication function, you can clarify several vital anchor points as a guide to your forward planning. You can do this by combining the answers to these 4 key questions into 1-2 paragraphs comprising a mission or positioning statement: PR firm 1. What industry sectors do you specialize in? [Factual] Eg “My/our firm specializes in consulting to ...

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Invoicing as communication – the most important task for a PR firm

01 Mar, 2017 PR consulting

"Show me the money!" as Tom Cruise kept saying in the movie Jerry Maguire. In my view, the preparation of invoices and billing of clients is probably the most important task of a PR consultant. You can't run a successful business until you have a satisfied client and a readily paid invoice to feed those hungry mouths and pay service providers. Last week a PR firm emailed an invoice to me only one hour ...

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Top tips on how to evaluate a potential new client

01 Mar, 2015 PR consulting

One of the big issues for PR consultants is to determine how worthwhile it is to spend time and effort on a potential new client. Will they waste your time or will you win the business? A useful formula can help with this.It is the MAD FU formula, which stands for: Money Authority Desire Fit Urgency Having been a senior consultant in a top PR firm for several years, plus running my own consultancy ...

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