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How you can use Google Trends to identify best headline keywords

15 Nov, 2019 PR and the internet

To boost your impact and reach, you can use many tools to optimize your headlines and create better search engine visibility.   Image: BigTunaOnline/ Such tools include advanced search engine marketing tools like Moz Keyword Explorer and the Google Keyword Planner, but these are probably more sophisticated than you need. Other free tools include: Sharethrough Headline Analyzer CoSchedule Free Headline Analyzer In addition, OptinMonster helpfully lists 26 Tools That’ll Help You Create Better Headlines. ...

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Don’t take your ‘About Us’ page for granted

02 Mar, 2017 PR and the internet

Image: 'About Us' page of The National Audubon Society. The Audubon 'About Us' page has 12 helpful sections to help visitors easily find what they want. Despite various ‘expert’ comments that website use is fading in this era of social media and mobile technology, websites are still a vital source of information. When building or running websites, recent usability studies by the Nielsen Norman Group indicate you engage users best by crafting key information in ...

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Conduct a content audit to improve website quality

02 Mar, 2017 PR and the internet

A content audit is an important way to ensure your website looks professional and contains current information and material. You can use a content audit to analyze the content of your organization’s website or social media presence to assess current performance with content and where future improvements can be made. A content audit helps determine if digital content is relevant to customers and to your organization, and answers important questions about: Accurate and consistent ...

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How to reach influencers

01 Mar, 2017 PR and the internet, Reputation, trust, stakeholder relations

Media relations was at the core of PR for decades. Some people in the industry still think media relations is PR. However, the internet has changed all that. A new type of stakeholder has emerged – the online influencer. What’s more, these influencers can be present internally as well as externally. The key is to identify influencers and win their support. Internal influencers are not just people who hold management or supervisory positions; they ...

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Writing good hyperlinks is more important than you think

01 Mar, 2015 PR and the internet

Make links relevant, descriptive, and start with keyword Recent research by the Nielsen Norman Group found that hyperlinks are a key part of online writing. For site visitors to quickly find what they need, a link should stand out from the body text and accurately describe the page it relates to. Eyes are drawn to links Users scan web pages looking for clues on page content and where to go next. They use signposts ...

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How to verify content from digital sources in a crisis

01 Mar, 2015 Issues and crises, PR and the internet

Corporate communicators and journalists can find it difficult to confirm the facts about an emergency or crisis. In these days of proliferating 'fake news' and wild claims made on social media, a 'crisis' report could merely be sensationalism or could even be completely untrue. Often communicators need to identify the source and truth of such claims so they can understand and communicate the facts. Verifying facts before publishing a news story is one of ...

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10 top web-based tools for measuring PR

28 Feb, 2015 PR and the internet, PR measurement

The PR Daily newsletter ran an article by Barbara Rozgonyi and Pete Codella on some outstanding tools you can use for measuring your PR performance: There are a lot of things to consider when you’re figuring out which type of PR measurement to use: your budget, the business outcome you want, what social channels you want to measure, how many tools you want to use, the insights you want to get, how broad the ...

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23 great digital tools for PR pros

28 Feb, 2015 PR and the internet

Mike Lizun of Gregory FCA recently wrote a good article in PR Daily about some great digital tools that are available to PR practitioners. He showed there are many digital tools and services PR pros use to stay on top of the news, identify trends, research the right media for targeted story ideas, and manage accounts. Mike says there is a difference between the sites and services he uses often and those he depends ...

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Interesting facts make web pages compelling

28 Feb, 2015 PR and the internet, Writing and layout

Web design and writing expert Jakob Nielsen has unearthed many important facts from his research about website visitors. His latest study shows that users hunt for facts online, so factually rich content will attract readers and keep their attention. Here is his summary of findings: Emphasize facts There's so much corporate jargon and waffle in websites that straight talk stands out. Journalists: the ultimate fact seekers When journalists used corporate websites in the NN/g ...

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How to unGoogle yourself

26 Feb, 2015 Issues and crises, PR and the internet

This article by Mark Macias explains the options for removing commercially or legally sensitive material from Google and other search engine archives. Out of curiosity, we all like to Google ourselves to see what is said about us in the search engine, but what happens when Google turns up results we don't like? How do we get our name removed from search engines when the material is damaging? A reputable financial consultant discovered one ...

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