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Streamline these 10 long and dull PR tasks

01 Mar, 2015 Personal productivity

The digital age has brought us more complexity, which can make our PR work harder – and it has also brought some fantastic tools that make our PR work easier. Prezly co-founder Frederik Vincx wrote a recent blog about some great ways to streamline PR work using digital tools: 1. Tracking who responds to your emails If you send a lot of pitch emails, tracking them manually gets tricky in a hurry. It’s easy, ...

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How you can be more productive immediately

27 Feb, 2015 Personal productivity

How can we become better organized? This is a question that has occupied all our minds at different times. A few years ago I did some work as a business coach, using a simple but powerful system. At its core it was about successfully compiling a ‘to do’ list. Sounds surprisingly simple, but it was robust and powerful in improving the management and structure of businesses. Overall, it was a more sophisticated technique than ...

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How to speed up approvals of your draft material

23 Feb, 2015 Personal productivity, Writing and layout

Communicators commonly say one of their most difficult tasks is to gain approval from managers for draft text and printers’ proofs. Some communicators even find that text approvals are the longest part of the production process. There are several ways you can reduce the risk of delays in obtaining approvals – most of these ways involve communication! These principles apply as much to consultants dealing with clients as to internally based communicators. When I ...

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How to avoid causing tantrums when you change someone’s text

23 Feb, 2015 Messaging, Personal productivity, Writing and layout

One of the worst tasks in communication is to edit text contributed by a co-worker or client. The problem lies not in any difficulty in editing the words, but in dealing with people who don’t like their text changed. Whether it is a holiday article written for the staff newsletter, the draft text of a report or the body copy in a direct mail brochure, you change the words at your peril. Not so ...

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