How to increase your influence at work

15 Nov, 2019 Careers, Persuasion, influence, motivation

  The amount of influence workers have isn’t always reflected in their job titles. You can determine your own informal value to others by reviewing the extent to which people – your top internal stakeholders – help you succeed in your job, and in turn, by what you offer them. Start by listing the top 10 employees at any level who help you get things done. Give each a score from one to 10 ...

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Your past record or future potential – which angle is more persuasive for pitching a campaign proposal?

15 Nov, 2019 Careers, Communication campaigns

When you are presenting a business proposal, do you base your case on its potential or on your past record with similar activities? The answer has been revealed by recent research. This article explains which alternative you can use for better results. The article is available to you in a special Kindle collection of 12 top articles on communication campaigns for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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Ways to promote your value to the organization

02 Mar, 2017 Careers, Proving PR value

  Working with your boss requires a balancing act. On one hand you need to know how best to work with your boss and maintain a good relationship. (Read my article How to boost your PR career by successfully managing your boss.) On the other hand, you need to know how to emerge from the background and assert your own standing within the organization. The contradiction in having a good boss is that while ...

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Increase your power within the organization

01 Mar, 2017 Careers, Proving PR value, Workplace relationships

If you are like most people, you dislike having to play the political ‘game’ in your organization. However, organizations exist through the interdependent cooperation of the employees, and therefore the ability to get things done requires you to develop interpersonal skills so you can handle power and the capacity to influence those on whom you depend, ie the politics involved in the job. The blunt truth is that if you fail in this effort, ...

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Thinking strategically will increase the value of your communication role

01 Mar, 2017 Annual communication plans, Careers, PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Proving PR value

Studies show communication is a highly valued function in organizations – but only if the head of PR manages strategically. The single greatest determining factor of excellence is having the expertise required of a strategic manager. Read in this article how to generate strategic value. It is available to you in a convenient Kindle collection of 12 top articles on communication planning and strategy for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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The wider leadership potential of the effective public relations manager

01 Mar, 2017 Careers, Leadership role, PR management, Proving PR value

Many PR managers find it difficult to understand management issues beyond the level of communication concerns. However, to be fully accepted by top management, you need to think like a manager, understand management issues from management’s perspective, talk like a manager (not use PR jargon) and to figuratively put yourself in the shoes of operational managers in looking at their problems. Above all, you are proactive and assertive, prepared to insist that PR should ...

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How to strengthen your personal standing at work

01 Mar, 2015 Careers, Persuasion, influence, motivation, Proving PR value, Workplace relationships

One of the biggest issues facing us as communication professionals is how to gain greater influence within our own organization. Our work is largely intangible, based on strengthening organizational communication links and working relationships at all levels, and so we are often vulnerable to the subjective views of corporate decision makers about our effectiveness. The question is how do we increase our standing within the organization? People can have good potential or may already ...

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Become more influential in your corporate PR role

28 Feb, 2015 Careers, Proving PR value

Influence at work is an elusive quest. As communicators we all seek how to create more influence for ourselves among our workplace peers and bosses. Some people know intuitively how to become more influential, but most of us grapple with the right formula for success. Julie O’Neil conducted a fascinating study of 309 US corporate PR practitioners to determine what factors contribute most to the organizational influence of corporate public relations practitioners, and what ...

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Make the case in support of corporate PR value

28 Feb, 2015 Careers, Proving PR value

Every professional communicator is surrounded by people who don’t understand communication. Executives from operations, accounting, finance, administration, HR, legal, sales and marketing really don’t understand the PR function. Clients usually don’t understand, either. Should this concern you? Yes, indeed. When other people don’t understand your professionalism, then they under-estimate your value. You will find they think PR is easy – because you make it look easy. You do the hard work out of sight ...

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How to win top level support for your communication role

27 Feb, 2015 Careers, Proving PR value, Reputation, trust, stakeholder relations

When I joined a billion dollar engineering company as Corporate Affairs Manager, I found my CEO thought internal communication should mostly comprise propaganda and gloss. He was only interested in good news being communicated to employees. This approach meant that important and difficult issues were not shared with staff, even though the company was struggling as the economy turned down. It was a frustrating time because employees knew the communication wasn’t candid and therefore ...

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