How to increase your influence at work

15 Nov, 2019 Careers, Persuasion, influence, motivation

  The amount of influence workers have isn’t always reflected in their job titles. You can determine your own informal value to others by reviewing the extent to which people – your top internal stakeholders – help you succeed in your job, and in turn, by what you offer them. Start by listing the top 10 employees at any level who help you get things done. Give each a score from one to 10 ...

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Your past record or future potential – which angle is more persuasive for pitching a campaign proposal?

15 Nov, 2019 Careers, Communication campaigns

When you are presenting a business proposal, do you base your case on its potential or on your past record with similar activities? The answer has been revealed by recent research. This article explains which alternative you can use for better results. The article is available to you in a special Kindle collection of 12 top articles on communication campaigns for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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Lost in translation: communicators too often overlook the importance of good translation

15 Nov, 2019 Writing and layout

  As a young PR consultant, I helped my colleagues develop promotional material in support of a client who was planning to set up a joint venture to build a glassmaking factory in China for the manufacture of ‘architectural glass’ such as windows for offices and apartments. Our client ACI was a well-established Australian company, and its joint venture partner, UK-based Pilkington Group, was top of its field internationally. The prospects of success seemed ...

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Use numbers to make your writing more persuasive

15 Nov, 2019 Writing and layout

  Has a colleague ever said to you: “I started a writing career because I’m hopeless with numbers.”? Many communicators find it difficult to understand, use and write about numbers. Some even admit to entering a writing career so they will avoid dealing with figures. Yet figures are increasingly central to good practice. In addition to the ongoing need to write about numbers for general readers, we need to become familiar with metrics used ...

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69 alternatives to the word “disaster”

15 Nov, 2019 Writing and layout

A wildly misused word is “disaster.” (“Crisis” is another similarly misused word, but that’s the subject of other discussions.) “Disaster” is used in the public arena to describe almost any negative situation. News media and social media use it to exaggerate, especially where images are available to dramatize. Common use of the word today is in phrases like “social media disaster,” “PR disaster,” and so on. It is also used to exaggerated effect in ...

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Time to get excited about using better words than “excited” in your writing

15 Nov, 2019 Marketing communication, Writing and layout

Fake news! Many press releases over-excitedly announce information that has no real news value - it is in effect fake news. No wonder journalists delete most releases. PR staff are often under pressure to energize ordinary announcements and other information by hyping up the text to gain executive or client approval. However, those staffers usually haven't dug further to find any real news behind their breathless announcement, or have just gone through the motions ...

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How to be more influential in meetings dominated by loud talkers

12 Feb, 2018 Interpersonal communication

How can you speak up in meetings without being intimidated by loud talkers who dominate the discussion? Even in this age of technology, face-to-face meetings are still a vital and inevitable part of work life, so you need to make a good contribution in these settings - especially if your manager is present.   Loud talkers tend to dominate meetings even when they are not the smartest in the room. They may be the ...

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Soft skills of good communication and relationships essential to career success

23 Jan, 2018 Commentary, Workplace relationships

Much of the focus in the business world is about technological advances. Imagine the shock in the Google high-tech environment when internal research made senior management realize 'soft' skills are more important qualities in the firm's top employees than tech skills. An article in the Washington Post quoted a post by eminent Professor Cathy Davidson discussing the Google findings. Davidson noted that in its first 15 years after being founded in 1998, Google sought ...

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Ways to promote your value to the organization

02 Mar, 2017 Careers, Proving PR value

  Working with your boss requires a balancing act. On one hand you need to know how best to work with your boss and maintain a good relationship. (Read my article How to boost your PR career by successfully managing your boss.) On the other hand, you need to know how to emerge from the background and assert your own standing within the organization. The contradiction in having a good boss is that while ...

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Use metaphors as potent tools for messaging

02 Mar, 2017 Writing and layout

A metaphor is the way we consider one mental domain in terms of another – to make concepts more vivid. Effective leaders, especially politicians, are good at leading debate by encapsulating concepts in memorable metaphors that people relate to. Such metaphors are highly desirable to use in professional communication. We are all familiar with the multitude of metaphors used in business communication. For example: “We need to steer a straight course from here” or ...

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