Developing strong internal stakeholder relationships will benefit your career

03 Jul, 2022 Interpersonal communication, Managing upwards, Reputation, trust, stakeholder relations, Workplace relationships

Many people hate office/organizational politics. But staying out of such activities may hold back your career. As a communicator, especially if you are head of the communication function, you are responsible for building productive relationships throughout the office/organization so you can influence people beyond your formal area of authority and beyond headquarters. This is even more important in today’s world, when many people are working remotely or in hybrid mode. There is no doubt that developing strong internal stakeholder relationships will benefit you in organizational politics and will benefit your own career at the same time.

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Great career opportunities in PR for college students

03 Jun, 2022 Careers

Many students think public relations is only about publicity and parties – glitz and glamor in media relations and event organizing. They tend to be influenced by shallow media coverage of ‘public relations’ and movie characters. However, a public relations career can be much more wide ranging – and satisfying – and important. Career opportunities in PR abound for college students who have good communication skills and a PR degree.

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How to write stronger article endings

16 Mar, 2022 Writing and layout

As a professional communicator, you need to use many styles of writing in your work, not just the widespread news writing formula of the 5 Ws and 2 Hs, which is based on the first paragraph of any news piece. But what about writing stronger endings for your articles? What would that achieve? There are many ways to write stronger article endings.

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What are transferable job skills, and how to make the most of them?

04 Mar, 2022 Careers

Your transferable job skills are critical to your success in finding and keeping a job. You have to convince employers of the skills you have, and which ones are best suited to the new role you are seeking. This is vital in the current volatile job market. Here’s how to make the most of your transferable job skills.

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How you can achieve stronger impact at the start of your articles

14 Feb, 2022 Writing and layout

The first paragraph of an article is crucial because it needs to immediately attract the reader’s attention and entice them to read further. A news writing formula is traditionally used for writing the first paragraph of any news piece. But there are also other ways to achieve stronger impact at the start of your articles. Here’s how to do it.

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Leaders who build strong career relationships earn more trust and achieve better results

05 Dec, 2021 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Employee, manager feedback, Virtual, remote meetings, Workplace relationships

Even in this digital age, the most important deciding factor in your leadership aspirations is to remember that leaders who build strong career relationships earn more trust and achieve better results with all their stakeholders. This applies to communication leaders as well.

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Optimize your remote PR workflow

03 Nov, 2021 Personal productivity, WFH, hybrid work

Many communicators believe the benefits of working from home strongly outweigh the disadvantages. However, transitioning to a WFH environment raises many challenges. In an industry that relies heavily on face-to-face interactions, adjusting to primarily remote communication methods isn’t easy. Nevertheless, you can optimize your remote PR workflow for productive results.

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Tools and apps to improve your PR productivity

15 Sep, 2021 Personal productivity, PR management

COVID-19 has driven change in the PR profession – through the shift to WFH and hybrid work. Communicators have earned more respect in all organizations as communication has been central to effective organizational performance in the face of COVID-19 impact. This has increased the workload of PR pros, so it is in your interest to find new tools and apps to improve your PR productivity.

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7 effective ways to improve your PR team’s productivity

04 Sep, 2021 Personal productivity, PR management

As the world adapts to new ways of living and working in the COVID era, it is vital as a manager to understand what productivity means, what drives it, and how you can measure it. This article explains 7 effective ways as a PR manager you can improve your team’s productivity.

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How to improve your personal productivity

03 Sep, 2021 Personal productivity

Increasing your productivity, like communicating better, is more complex than it may seem at first. Therefore, you need to be strategic about approaching the subject. This article explains how to improve your personal productivity as a professional by initiating a range of positive changes for yourself.

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