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Wellness is even more important for remote teams

21 Feb, 2021 Business management, Mental health support, PR management, Virtual, remote meetings

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit like the biggest earthquake the workplace landscape has ever experienced. Unlike any industrial or digital revolution we’ve known, this pandemic has fundamentally changed the way most businesses work, and it has forced this change almost overnight. Now stress is no longer the exception, but the norm. The increased freedom and flexibility are great (along with the daily grinding commute to work no longer required), but WFH loneliness, burnout, and ...

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Online counseling for mental health support helps to meet surging demand

07 Feb, 2021 Mental health support

Many people are reluctant to reveal they need mental health counseling, so they pretend they are OK. But if they are struggling with their mental health, pretending their problem doesn’t exist won’t help them attain peace of mind. Most counseling patients are quite satisfied with their experience. And now they have the extra benefit of accessing online mental health support as well as traditional in-person counseling.



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How to reduce COVID stress on your team

01 Feb, 2021 Mental health support

In your role as a manager, supervisor, team leader, or as a team mate, you may not be sure how you can best help your team during the COVID-19 virus – to understand the overall trend of the pandemic around the world, the mental health impact on individuals in your team, and what to do to support them. This article provides helpful information on how to reduce COVID stress on your team.

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More people value online counseling for mental health support

12 Jan, 2021 Mental health support

The dramatic stresses and uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic are leading people to become more aware, and more accepting, of the need for individual mental health support. The result is that mental health is becoming largely destigmatized – people discuss it more in online forums and are more open about it in the workplace. People are also more accepting of the value and convenience of online mental health counseling. This article discusses employee stress and ways to deal with it.

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Practical ways to handle COVID-19 anxiety

15 Oct, 2020 Mental health support

It’s critical to support your mental health and improve your resilience during this worldwide COVID-19 and its consequences. This article outlines practical ways to deal with COVID-19 anxiety apparent in insomnia, symptoms of depression, and anxiety.

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Online counseling for better mental health is a great solution

22 Sep, 2020 Mental health support

Alarmed by greater stress in your work and personal life? Working in professional communication is already very stressful – and now we are facing demanding and drawn-out COVID-19 issues as well. But people seeking mental health support are frustrated by long delays in access to support from traditional counseling services due to lockdowns and physical distancing. Online counseling is a great solution for better mental health.

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