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Practical ways to deal with coronavirus-related anxiety

15 Oct, 2020 Mental health support

Guest post By Caitlin Goodwin, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. It’s critical to support your mental health and improve your resilience during this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Here are practical ways to deal with related anxiety apparent in insomnia, symptoms of depression, and anxiety: Check your sources Reading inaccurate information is an effective way to cause anxiety! Check the sources you rely on for information about the virus because misinformation is widespread. The sites you read ...

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Online counseling a great solution for better mental health

22 Sep, 2020 Mental health support

Alarmed by greater stress in your work and personal life? Working in professional communication is already very stressful – and now we are facing demanding and drawn-out COVID-19 issues as well. This era of the COVID-19 pandemic only increases everyone’s stress. Our stressful lives are enduring more strain caused by the pandemic. Up to 80% of people in some regions have felt their mental health is affected by the coronavirus pandemic, causing them to ...

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