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How to evaluate copywriters and their material

01 Jun, 2020 Marketing communication, Messaging

As communicators, we will inevitably need to appoint a copywriter at some stage to prepare creative material for direct marketing campaigns of one kind or another. Or we write the creative material ourselves. Either way, it helps to understand what to expect from copywriting work. A couple of traditional ways to evaluate copywriters’ work is to measure the response rates and ROI they have achieved in previous campaigns. But what other ways can be ...

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Add a ‘P.S.’ for more impact with marketing emails and letters

01 Jun, 2020 Marketing communication, Writing and layout

Adding a ‘P.S.’ to a direct mail letter or email is a powerful way to reinforce the impact. The P.S. is one of the most important elements in a persuasive document, so don't underestimate its value. ‘P.S.’ or ‘PS’ comes from the Latin ‘post scriptum,’ which means "written after." A postscript is writing added after the main body of a letter or other block of text. Some clients of copywriters say they don’t want ...

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16 ways to capitalize on a word-of-mouth marketing campaign

01 Jun, 2020 Marketing communication

Testimonials are a classic way to create perceptions of authentic value to customers and clients. Sample testimonial: Other thoughts for both offline and online word-of-mouth marketing campaign are: Stimulate and collect testimonials and endorsements from customers, experts and opinion leaders or influencers such as media personalities, life-style commentators, etc. Use the internet to amplify word of mouth. Use email, blogs, Facebook and Twitter to regularly communicate with customers and other contacts, and engage them ...

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Good employee contact with customers leads to greater profitability

01 Jun, 2020 Internal communication, Marketing communication

Researchers have shown a direct connection between employee and customer behaviors in which employee attempts to improve customer satisfaction led to increased customer spending and therefore profitability. Study shows good employee training and communication lead to more satisfied customers. A study by North Western University in the United States found that good employee training and communication led to more satisfied customers who spent an average of 22% more than they would have otherwise. Researchers ...

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Improve your customer experiences through external journey mapping

01 Jun, 2020 Marketing communication, PR measurement

All of us have endured awful customer experiences of one kind or another. For instance, when I bought a t-shirt recently it wasn’t available in my size, but it was in stock in one of the retailer's stores about 20 minutes away. The catch was that it would take 7-10 days to bring to the store because the company only made inter-store deliveries this frequently! It was unacceptable service, but they were oblivious. I ...

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Time to get excited about using better words than “excited” in your writing

01 Jun, 2020 Marketing communication, Writing and layout

Fake news! Many press releases over-excitedly announce information that has no real news value - it is in effect fake news. No wonder journalists delete most releases. PR staff are often under pressure to energize ordinary announcements and other information by hyping up the text to gain executive or client approval. However, those staffers usually haven't dug further to find any real news behind their breathless announcement, or have just gone through the motions ...

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Be ethical when promoting ‘green’ products and services

01 Jun, 2020 Corporate social responsibility, Marketing communication

People around the world have become more concerned about environmental (‘green’) issues. They worry about climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel prices, and the impact that products may have on the environment. In response to this, organizations are turning more and more to environmental or ‘green’ themes to promote their products and services. Environmental claims can be a powerful marketing and public relations tool. Environmental claims are being made for more products than ever ...

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