Marketing communication

Understand market segmentation better for stronger marketing communication

15 Apr, 2022 Marketing communication

As a communication professional, you will become more valued if you can contribute to your company’s marketing activities. A key aspect of marketing is market segmentation, and even though communicators play a minor role, it is important to understand the process, which is more sophisticated than we generally realize.

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How to use features and benefits in your marketing communication

08 Apr, 2022 Marketing communication, Messaging

Features describe a product or service. Benefits describe why those features matter, how they are useful to the target audience, and which attributes make the item more useful than alternatives from competitors. This article explains how to use features and benefits in your marketing communication

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Develop a successful brand voice in these 7 helpful steps

15 Nov, 2021 Marketing communication

Your company’s messaging creates a particular feeling in your target audience when they read or hear it. Are you making them excited? Curious? Or are you confusing them? When you develop a successful brand voice for your organization, it will mark a big step forward in your brand success.

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How effective communication drives onboarding success

07 Sep, 2021 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Marketing communication

Organizational socialization or onboarding is used in both marketing and staffing processes. When done right, it can help you retain more customers and employees. But what’s common to the process in these different fields? This article explains that effective communication is the common link.

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4 smart reasons to outsource your PR and marketing efforts

30 Jun, 2021 Marketing communication

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified challenges for businesses. Some of the challenges can be overcome by outsourcing various activities. For bigger businesses, outsourcing their services to marketing agencies like Caffeine Marketing reduces overheads and increases productive reach. The same can be said for marketing PR services, which can be outsourced for many reasons. This article discusses four smart reasons to outsource your PR and marketing efforts.

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6 simple ways to build a better employer brand

19 Dec, 2020 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Marketing communication, Staff recruitment

When you build a better employer brand you will gain a competitive edge as a potential employer and positively impact your company’s talent acquisition — 95% of job candidates say a company’s reputation matters a lot to them when considering whether to take a position. Moreover, 50% of candidates would never work for a company with a bad reputation, even if it offers a higher salary. In the current economic uncertainty caused by Covid-19, it’s all the more important that businesses work to strengthen their reputation as an employer and stay ahead of the competition.

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Key benefits of promotional products for events and conferences

19 Dec, 2020 Event management, Marketing communication

Events and conferences are often replete with promotional products being given away as freebies to attendees who flock to grab swag bags from stalls in their droves. The question, then, is why branded swag is so popular and what makes it worth investing in if you have an event or conference on the horizon? This article discusses ways you benefit from including promotional products in your events and conferences.

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Simple techniques for writing strong headlines

01 Jun, 2020 Marketing communication, Media relations, Writing and layout

Readers are so overloaded with information in modern media that they ruthlessly filter out what they don’t want. Strong headlines and first paragraphs are crucial to good writing in news and social media. Find out here some great, simple techniques for writing strong headlines

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Why ‘tryvertising’ wins over consumers

01 Jun, 2020 Marketing communication

Experienced consumers switch off or even get angry about the commercials, ads, banners and pop-ups foisted on them. An innovative alternative way to reach consumers is to use tryvertising – a cross between advertising, product promotion and marketing communication. Tryvertising essentially takes product placement to the real world, integrating products into the daily life of consumers so they can make up their minds based on their actual experience with a product - and can ...

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What type of logo is most effective?

01 Jun, 2020 Marketing communication, Visual communication

A well-designed logo can strengthen a brand by creating consumer interest, by differentiating from competitors’ brands, by increasing brand recognition, and by appealing to potential investors. Having worked on the launch or change of various logos during my career, I was interested to recently read a Harvard Business Review article about research on what makes a logo effective. The research findings were based on several studies reviewing the attitudes of thousands of consumers towards ...

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