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Internal communication starved of resources: Here’s how you can gain more funding

15 Nov, 2019 Internal communication, PR planning, strategy, budgeting, Proving PR value

  The evidence is in plain sight. Good internal communication (IC) creates high levels of employee engagement, which in turn lifts organizational performance outcomes. Key IC drivers of employee engagement are: Employees’ relationship with their supervisor/manager Line of sight – the extent to which employees can see how their work contributes to business unit and organizational results Involvement – knowing their opinion is heard and is respected. High employee engagement creates around 22% higher ...

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How a company used internal communication to drive its survival strategy

01 Mar, 2017 Change communication, Internal communication, Leadership and managerial communication

The global financial recession affected corporations in every country. Global corporations have been hit by the economic downturn everywhere. To survive and pave the way for future success, corporations tightened their belts and try to change strategy in order to ride out the pressures. DuPont is one of those corporations. The company was really hit in September 2008 when the financial system in the United States came close to collapse. Sales in some DuPont ...

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Keys to effective internal communication

01 Mar, 2015 Internal communication

With so many digital tools now available to communicators, we are tempted to constantly seek new ways to communicate better internally.  UK internal communication expert Liam FitzPatrick recently said in the PR Conversations blog to stop looking for the new or the quick fix and work harder on the basics to make an impact with employees: “Nothing clever; just basic skills like writing, planning, project managing and listening.” And the ability to act as ...

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Visual content makes you a more effective internal communicator

01 Mar, 2015 Internal communication, Visual communication

One of the managers I admire tries to explain concepts by using a marker pen and whiteboard – in his office or in a larger venue. Vincent thinks visually. I look at what he has quickly presented on the whiteboard in his office and marvel at the way those concepts have become clearer through his use of visuals – diagrams, graphs, and little flow charts. What’s more – the whiteboard images can be quickly ...

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Putting a face to a name makes a huge motivational difference

25 Feb, 2015 Internal communication, Persuasion, influence, motivation

Research has found it is very important to connect people’s work with outcomes. When people know their work has a meaningful, positive impact on others, they are happier and much more productive than those who don’t make a connection. How can a link best be established? Put one group in front of another. Put a recipient in front of a provider, and the beneficial change will happen. Just being aware of the impact your ...

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Communicate about the 5 big organizational questions

24 Feb, 2015 Internal communication, PR management

Organizations need to ride out tough times. They need to adapt to changed conditions, and they need to communicate to all key stakeholders what the changed priorities are during difficult periods. The global financial crisis was clearly one of those times - and now the world is facing a pandemic health crisis. What sort of information is important to communicate during difficult times? It is important to get back to fundamentals and to communicate ...

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Most employers communicate more during stressful times

24 Feb, 2015 Internal communication

Most employers were doing the right thing and communicating more with their employees during the tough times of the global financial recession, according to a 2008 survey by international HR firm, Watson Wyatt Worldwide (now Willis Towers Watson). Let's hope they have continued to learn about the importance of keeping employees informed. Watson Wyatt surveyed senior communicators in a broad range of US industries about the impacts of the financial crisis. Two thirds of ...

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Communicating effectively to employees in tough times

24 Feb, 2015 Change communication, Internal communication

It is even more important to communicate well with employees when an organization is under financial pressure. Employees everywhere are justified in being concerned about the security of their jobs. Employees worry about their retirement funds and even about the future of their organization. In their preoccupation with the problems they are prone to circulate rumors and lose productivity by speculating about the impact of the recession on them. So what can be done? ...

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Audience segmentation is important for better communication

24 Feb, 2015 Annual communication plans, Communication campaigns, Internal communication, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

Different audiences have different communication needs. And different segments of audiences have different communication needs. As PR has progressed from the days of mass communication, we have increasingly been able to target our messages to the needs of different audience segments – internally and externally. Audience segmentation is the process of dividing an audience into smaller groups, with similar characteristics, wants and needs that are selected according to our communication objectives. Audience segmentation is ...

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Good internal communication leads to stronger employee engagement and therefore better organizational performance

24 Feb, 2015 Annual communication plans, Business management, Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Internal communication, Leadership role, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

Firms with high levels of employee wellbeing consistently achieve superior long-term returns Economics experts report from their global study that "Higher employee wellbeing is associated with higher productivity and firm performance." They found "correlations between employee wellbeing, employee productivity and firm performance across all industries and regions." Writing a 2019 article for the World Economic Forum, George Ward and Christian Krekel from the London School of Economics, and Jan-Emmanuel De Neve from University College ...

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