Event management

Event management: 5 tips for planning a successful event

15 Nov, 2019 Event management

  Event management is extremely hectic for even the most experienced professionals. Plenty of things can go wrong when you don’t put a good plan in place. Any little step you can take to make things more efficient goes a long way to making your event a success and creating memorable experiences for attendees. Here are 5 tips to help you plan and manage your event successfully. 1. Measurable goals and objectives Your goals ...

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Aim to get more value from an event

24 Feb, 2015 Event management

A reader once asked me to write some articles about event management. Event management is largely about project management and check lists, but I would like to mention one aspect that tends to be overlooked. It pays event organizers to look beyond the immediate action items and pause to consider the bigger picture: the purpose or objective of the event being proposed. Conference photo by Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash. The purpose of an event ...

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