Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction

Increase workers’ positive perceptions of the impact of their work

01 Jun, 2020 Business management, Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Internal communication, Persuasion, influence, motivation

We all have a fundamental need to belong. One way to achieve this is to connect people’s work with outcomes. When people know their work has a meaningful, positive impact on others, they are happier and more productive than those who don’t make a connection. How can a link best be established? Put a recipient or end user in front of a provider, and the beneficial change will happen, ie enable a worker to ...

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Real human connections remain the most important at work

01 Jun, 2020 Commentary, Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction

In this era of growing technological sophistication, we need to keep reminding ourselves that the most effective type of contact is directly with other people. We tend to forget this amid all the clamor on automation; AI; VR; chatbots; smart assistants; robots; smart speakers; WhatsApp, Slack, Zoom and other communication apps; social media apps, etc. Many aspects of these innovations are positive and useful, especially with an extended audience - and especially in the ...

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Here’s detailed proof that employee recognition creates better workplace performance

01 Jun, 2020 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Employee recognition

When you introduce employee recognition activities in your work team, business unit, or in the whole organization, you create the opportunity for major positive results, including measurable improvements in employee engagement and organizational performance. The proof is in the detailed data outlined in this article. Read more great content on employee recognition in a special Kindle collection of 13 top articles for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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