Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction

Zoom in on the key employee engagement measures

20 Jul, 2017 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction

Engagement is probably the most important aim in communication right now – central to employee engagement and also audience engagement in social media. We will be looking at employee engagement in this article because it is central to the performance of your organization. Employee engagement is a vital driver of organizational results, and therefore the aim of improving employee engagement is probably the most important quest in employee management. Since engagement is crucial to ...

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What to look for in a great place to work

01 Mar, 2015 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction

Most organizations of a reasonable size fall well short of maintaining happy workers and achieving high productivity. In my own observations over 25 years, a top employer is rare to find. Despite great advances in management training and in technology, most companies still don’t succeed – for many reasons. How does your employer rate? And what can you do as a communicator to improve it? What makes a great workplace? The Great Place to ...

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Good communication can hugely lift employee engagement

27 Feb, 2015 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction

Communicators hold a powerful position by influencing the way things are done at work - as a manager or supervisor of their staff, and in  communicating about good practice in employee relations, which leads to stronger employee engagement. Definitions of employee engagement Employee engagement is a vital workplace concept. There are various definitions of employee engagement, reflecting the complexity of the concept, but a general definition suggested by Engage for Success is: Employee engagement ...

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Good internal communication leads to stronger employee engagement and therefore better organizational performance

24 Feb, 2015 Annual communication plans, Business management, Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Internal communication, Leadership role, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

Firms with high levels of employee wellbeing consistently achieve superior long-term returns Economics experts report from their global study that "Higher employee wellbeing is associated with higher productivity and firm performance." They found "correlations between employee wellbeing, employee productivity and firm performance across all industries and regions." Writing a 2019 article for the World Economic Forum, George Ward and Christian Krekel from the London School of Economics, and Jan-Emmanuel De Neve from University College ...

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CEO and senior leaders are critical to employee satisfaction and engagement

22 Feb, 2015 Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Internal communication, Leadership role

Why is employee engagement important? Why push for stronger employee engagement? Well, a whole range of benefits are generated from treating employee engagement as a priority, even the most important organizational priority. Some of the most important benefits are listed below, as discussed in an 2018 article by Quantum Workplace. Every benefit is backed up by research referred in the article: Increased employee safety Better employee health Happier employees Greater employee satisfaction Better home ...

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