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6 ways to improve team productivity

28 Jan, 2021 Employee coaching, performance development, Internal communication, Personal productivity, PR management

In the COVID era, all teams need to adopt certain practices to reach their full productivity potential. Here are six important initiatives you and your team can implement to reach peak productivity.

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Coach your team for better results

01 Jun, 2020 Business management, Employee coaching, performance development, PR management

Most managers and team leaders don’t know how to manage their staff well. Research consistently shows this. For instance, global surveys by Gallup performance management consultancy show that around 85% of all employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. An astounding figure! Likewise, many senior communicators don’t know how to draw top performance from their staff. Increasingly, organizations are realizing that you need to coach your team for better results.

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Manage performance development of your team

01 Jun, 2020 Employee coaching, performance development, PR management

If you are a manager, how can you help your team members achieve higher performance? And if you are a staffer, what should you expect from your boss? If you understand the differences between performance management and performance development, you can get better results. For decades the concept of performance management has been largely based on a single annual performance appraisal conducted in a formal process by an employee’s manager. But traditional approaches to performance management have consistently failed to address the needs of today’s complex, evolving workplaces. On the other hand, “Organizations that have made a strategic investment in employee development report 11% greater profitability, and are twice as likely to retain their employees.” Find out how to best manage your team’s performance development.

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A useful ratio for giving praise

01 Jun, 2020 Employee coaching, performance development, Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Employee recognition, Employee, manager feedback, Leadership role, Research findings, Workplace relationships

Positive psychology experts are finding that the frequency of small, positive acts is crucial in business and personal relationships. Psychologist John Gottman, author of several books on relationships, pioneered research on marriage, which suggested there is a ‘magic ratio’ of 5 to 1 in the effectiveness of positive and negative interactions. Prof. Gottman (photo at right) found that marriages are more likely to succeed when the couple’s interactions are near a 5 to 1 ...

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