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How to sell your Big Idea to decision makers

15 Nov, 2019 Communication campaigns, Creativity and innovation

You might have a wonderfully creative idea for your campaign – but just as important is winning over the decision makers to support your idea. Find out in this article the six tips for selling your Big Idea to decision-makers. It is available to you in a special Kindle collection of 12 top articles on communication campaigns for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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4 naturally easy ways to increase your innovative thinking

15 Nov, 2019 Creativity and innovation

  Time to strengthen your creativity and innovation skills! Future demand for these skills will grow stronger in the changing business environment, according to a Future of Jobs survey report by the World Economic Forum. Over the next 5 years, employers will be giving priority to those who are strong on analytical thinking and innovation, as well as creativity, originality and initiative, the survey found. These skills are central to the role of professional ...

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4 easy ways to increase innovative thinking in your team

12 Nov, 2019 Creativity and innovation

You can easily stimulate ideas by your team members in four ways - individually and as a group, according to a neuroscience expert. Interviewed for Rotman Management’s Winter 2019 magazine, Michael Platt, Professor of Marketing, Neuroscience and Psychology at Wharton, said that scientists in the past decade have discovered a fundamental neural network in the brain that generates exploratory and creative behavior. Prof Platt said the neuroscience can be used as the basis for ...

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How you can simply become more creative

09 Dec, 2017 Annual communication plans, Communication campaigns, Creativity and innovation

Many people think creativity is an elusive skill. But you can learn business creativity by applying a simple, but clever formula. Included in this article are outstanding real-life examples based on the formula, which will help you understand and apply the formula for creative success. 

It is available to you in a special Kindle collection of 12 top articles on communication campaigns for only $11.99 including tax. Click here to buy.

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Here’s a great way to make creative decisions

01 Mar, 2015 Creativity and innovation, PR management, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

As communication professionals we are usually obliged to depend on our own creativity. We are not a service industry like advertising in which account executives receive a client brief they relay to their ‘creative department.’ PR firms and in-house staff usually don’t have this luxury, although in-house staff can appoint consultants to propose creative ideas – at a cost. Instead, we have to be all-rounders in managing the work and being creative as well. ...

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How to ‘sell’ creative ideas to decision makers

25 Feb, 2015 Creativity and innovation, Persuasion, influence, motivation

Generating creative ideas is only half the battle. It is difficult enough to come up with a new creative angle, but then we often have to sell the wonderful idea to decision makers who are just not on the same wavelength. Most communicators are familiar with this problem. So what can we do about it? In fact, it can be extremely difficult to get decision makers to back an idea. They might have a ...

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Stimulate your creative thinking

25 Feb, 2015 Creativity and innovation

You want to be more creative than your competitors, don't you? By Edward Glassman, PhD How do we humans carry out this wondrous activity called creative thinking? One intriguing notion suggests that chance brings together diverse elements in your mind into one thought, and this connection triggers creative solutions. We call this process ‘making remote associations’, suggesting the need for a prepared, active mind full of diverse elements. As Pasteur pointed out: ‘Chance favors ...

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Increase your creativity by allowing your sleeping brain to work on it

24 Feb, 2015 Creativity and innovation

In several of my articles I mention the benefits of writing text or planning a communication activity, and then putting the material away overnight to return to it the following morning. I find this brings fresh insights that enable me to fine-tune and improve the material. A lot of creative people recommend the same. Photo by Kate Stone Matheson on Unsplash. An article in The New York Times by Benedict Carey on 23 October ...

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These vital, creative questions are better than brainstorming

23 Feb, 2015 Creativity and innovation

Brainstorming is widely used in organizations of all sizes to generate many good new ideas. However, the brainstorming technique has limitations because it is so unstructured. Participants are encouraged to think of ideas no matter how wild and way out they may seem, on the grounds that the ideas can later be shaped into something usable by the participants. However, most people aren’t very good at unstructured, abstract brainstorming and therefore the technique does ...

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Create more ideas for publicity campaigns

23 Feb, 2015 Creativity and innovation, Media relations

New ideas are hardly ever totally original; they are usually an extension of an existing concept. You can extract even more mileage from publicity campaigns by making existing concepts work harder for you. Matrix publicity technique UK consultant Andy Green in his book Creativity in Public Relations suggests using a matrix to extend publicity ideas. A matrix ensures you fully consider all the possible permutations when planning for a publicity concept. A matrix will ...

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