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After lockdown, should your team continue to operate remotely?

11 Mar, 2021 Business management, COVID-19 Latest, PR management, WFH, hybrid work, Working in the office

Coronavirus-era lockdowns have forced us all to re-evaluate where we work and how we maintain a healthy work-life balance. As unlikely as widespread remote work might have seemed two years ago, this option now defines the work experience of PR professionals the world over. But as lockdown procedures ebb while the vaccine rollout progresses, PR and other organizational managers will be asking whether to return to the office or not. The answer will depend ...

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COVID-19 insights for communicators in 2021

13 Feb, 2021 COVID-19 Latest

Catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic effects will last for years. The crisis has proven the importance of good communication as a vital part of  organizational performance at this time. Read in this article an array of helpful insights and information for communicators in response to COVID-19.

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COVID-19 vaccination persuasion: 12 powerful techniques to achieve results

02 Dec, 2020 COVID-19 Latest, Persuasion, influence, motivation

Communicators need to develop campaigns to counter the views of people who refuse a vaccine dose guarding them against the dangerous COVID-19 infection and its variants. Such people won’t accept the view that vaccines will be vital to combat the exponential rise of the pandemic. This article contains 12 powerful COVID-19 vaccination persuasion techniques to encourage people to get shots.

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200+ helpful insights and information for communicators about COVID-19 in 2020

26 Jul, 2020 COVID-19 Latest

The effects of the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic will last for years around the world. Communication professionals and organizational management need to understand the global and local impact of the virus. You can update and increase your understanding of all important aspects of a virus response so you know the best ways to communicate. By reading the article titles listed below, from 2020, and accessing the most relevant ones you will increase your wide understanding, ...

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