Corporate social responsibility

Powerful push for corporate social responsibility

23 Jan, 2018 Corporate social responsibility

CEOs of the world's largest public companies have just been hit with a strong message on corporate social responsibility. They received a letter on 16 January from the largest investment fund in the world telling them to contribute to society as well as pursue profits if they want continued support from the fund.   Laurence Fink, Chairman and CEO, BlackRock, Inc. Image: BlackRock The letter was sent by Laurence Fink, founder and CEO of ...

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People are skeptical of corporate environmental claims

27 Feb, 2015 Corporate social responsibility, Marketing communication

By Liz Gorman After 20 years of surveying consumers on their attitudes about brands and their expectations of how companies should behave, our team at Cone Communications has managed to compile some interesting insights. Our Green Gap Trend Tracker research, now gets us a step closer to understanding the consumer mindset when it comes to purchasing, using and disposing of “green” products. Before I get to the main takeaways from the research, here’s some ...

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Be ethical when promoting ‘green’ products and services

24 Feb, 2015 Corporate social responsibility, Marketing communication

People around the world have become more concerned about environmental (‘green’) issues. They worry about climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, fuel prices, and the impact that products may have on the environment. In response to this, organizations are turning more and more to environmental or ‘green’ themes to promote their products and services. Environmental claims can be a powerful marketing and public relations tool. Environmental claims are being made for more products than ever ...

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