Real human connections remain the most important

15 Nov, 2019 Commentary

  In this era of growing technological sophistication, we need to keep reminding ourselves that the most effective type of contact is directly with other people. We tend to forget this amid all the clamor on automation; AI; VR; chatbots; smart assistants; robots; smart speakers; WhatsApp, Slack and other communication apps; social media apps, etc. Many aspects of these innovations are positive and useful, especially with an extended audience. But using tech without sufficient ...

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Soft skills of good communication and relationships essential to career success

23 Jan, 2018 Commentary, Workplace relationships

Much of the focus in the business world is about technological advances. Imagine the shock in the Google high-tech environment when internal research made senior management realize 'soft' skills are more important qualities in the firm's top employees than tech skills. An article in the Washington Post quoted a post by eminent Professor Cathy Davidson discussing the Google findings. Davidson noted that in its first 15 years after being founded in 1998, Google sought ...

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What’s your viewpoint? Gain personal PR insights with these questions

21 Jan, 2018 Commentary

The PRoust Questionnaire Have you paused during your busy career to consider some of the broader aspects of your own role and the PR field generally? As you enter 2018, you might find this time a good opportunity for some light self-reflection. The PRoust Questionnaire has been developed by the editors of the PR Conversations blog, where you can join in discussion on a range of communication topics. They have posted the responses from ...

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Are we communicators or PR practitioners?

25 Feb, 2015 Commentary, Communication trends, Research findings

The most detailed study of its kind ever undertaken has confirmed that people shrink from using ‘public relations’ in their job title. Analysis of all the member records of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) in 2009 found that only 6.4% of members used ‘public relations’ in their job title. The most common PR job titles The most common term in member job titles, used by 28% of members, was ‘communication’ or ‘communications.’ ...

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