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Coaching your team will produce better results

01 Jun, 2020 Business management, Employee coaching, performance development, PR management

Most managers and team leaders don’t know how to manage their staff well. Research consistently shows this. For instance, global surveys by Gallup performance management consultancy show that around 85% of all employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work. An astounding figure! Likewise, many senior communicators don’t know how to draw top performance from their staff. Gallup defines engaged employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to ...

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New ways to make tough decisions

01 Jun, 2020 Business management, PR management, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

As the business world becomes more complex, decision-making is becoming more complex as well. Just think of the complexities in dealing with risk, issue and crisis decision-making these days. And if you are a member of your organization’s executive team – a role requiring you to confront operational problems – many decisions would be even more complex and longer-term. So how can you use more innovative ways to reach solutions? Various researchers have developed ...

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7 tips for getting your top management to communicate better with employees

01 Jun, 2020 Business management, Leadership and managerial communication

Your top management needs to communicate well with employees for a high performing organization. But first these executives need to engage and inspire your mid-level managers, who are the key to employee engagement,

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Make your workers aware of their job impact

01 Jun, 2020 Business management, Employee engagement, experience, satisfaction, Internal communication, Persuasion, influence, motivation

We all have a fundamental need to belong. One way to achieve this is to connect people’s work with outcomes. When people know their work has a meaningful, positive impact on others, they are happier and more productive than those who don’t make a connection. It gives all involved a warm feeling when these initiatives are taken to increase workers’ positive perceptions of the impact of their work. Making workers aware of their job impact is beneficial to all involved.

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