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Why business communication is important for businesses

17 May, 2022 Business management

Effective communication is crucial for the success of any business. For the interaction of management and employees, business communication is vital. Organizational communication has played an invaluable role during the ongoing COVID pandemic in reducing the uncertainties for employees about their organization's direction and decisions during this difficult time, which continues for all of us. Communication is central in every organization. The challenge is to communicate as effectively as possible in this changing world. ...

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Qualities in a boss that team members want to see

14 Mar, 2022 Business management, PR management

Different people want to see different traits in a leader. Some want their boss to be relaxed, some want their boss to push them harder. The best leaders tend to blend traits. It is crucial for leaders today to strike the right balance as we face uncertain times in the pandemic. This article describes 10 qualities in a boss that team members want to see.

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How to reduce bias in your planning and decisions

21 Jan, 2022 Annual communication plans, Business management, Communication campaigns, PR planning, strategy, budgeting

Good decisions can be extremely difficult to make, especially when different decisions may involve similar paths to action. Bias in planning and making a decision may also complicate the picture. It helps to know how to reduce bias in your planning and decisions, even for apparently simple decisions. Research suggests this is about 75% of the time!

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5 ways to transfer sensitive documents safely to employees

14 Aug, 2021 Business management, PR management

Organizations committing to a hybrid workforce model for the long term will need to consider which tech solutions will simultaneously work best for employees in all the office-based, hybrid, and fully remote modes. Security, reliability, ease of use, and compliance issues are all factors in deciding which toolsets and documents everyone will be expected to use wherever they are based. All this raises the question of document security. This article discusses 5 ways to transfer sensitive documents safely to employees.

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Why team building is key to your employer branding

23 Mar, 2021 Business management, WFH, hybrid work, Working in the office

As your organization tries to become a ‘best place to work,’ it is important to realize that your most important audience isn’t potential job candidates — it’s your current employees. Find out in this article how team building should be an important part of your employer branding.

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WFH pros and cons

11 Mar, 2021 Business management, COVID-19 Latest, PR management, WFH, hybrid work, Working in the office

Coronavirus-era lockdowns have forced us all to re-evaluate where we work and how we maintain a healthy work-life balance. As we know, many people have been working from home during restrictions. And many want to continue working from home in the ‘new normal.’ However, we all need to weigh up the WFH pros and cons. To form the best overview for decision-making for workers and their employers this article lays out the range of considerations for you.

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6 ways to build a strong remote team culture

05 Mar, 2021 Business management, PR management, WFH, hybrid work

A strong remote team culture matters much more than you might think. A positive work culture and good communication help a team do much more than just implement their projects; these concepts help team members to excel in their tasks and with a greater sense of accountability and care for each other

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Impromptu speaking in business may be your most important skill

01 Mar, 2021 Business management, Face-to-face meetings, negotiation, Leadership role, Personal, PR management, Speeches and presentations, Virtual, remote meetings, Working in the office, Workplace relationships

Impromptu speaking in business settings can be the most important and influential verbal communication you will ever undertake. This applies in face-to-face and virtual discussions; and internally as well as externally. However, I have seen people botch this too often. It is all-too-easy to fall into the trap of thinking the agenda doesn’t involve you directly, but the talk may swing your way. Not making a worthwhile contribution, even with informal remarks, can cause executive management or clients to doubt your effectiveness, which may obstruct your career progress.

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Wellness is even more important for remote teams

21 Feb, 2021 Business management, Mental health support, PR management, Virtual, remote meetings

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit like the biggest earthquake the workplace landscape has ever experienced. Unlike any industrial or digital revolution we’ve known, this pandemic has fundamentally changed the way most businesses work, and it has forced this change almost overnight. Now stress is no longer the exception, but the norm. The increased freedom and flexibility are great (along with the daily grinding commute to work no longer required), but WFH loneliness, burnout, and ...

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Strengthen your career prospects as a middle manager

26 Sep, 2020 Business management, PR management

Caught in the middle: Middle managers have a difficult role complying with higher management’s directives while leading and supporting their own team members. This article explains how you can overcome the obstacles and improve your middle manager career prospects.

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