A strategic approach will lift your career prospects.

Turn the focus from tactical to strategic for better value

Many communicators are pressured by managers or clients into doing tasks that have little strategic use – they are just short-term fixes. The person who gives the briefing may not understand much about communication, and they may not understand that communication activities need to support strategic priorities rather than just be one-off product promotions creating low-level results. What’s the point of doing something tactical if it is not creating strategic value for the organization?

What’s more: PR professionals believe a strategic outlook will be important in the future of the profession. In the Annenberg Global Communications Report 2017, survey participants stated that strategic planning will be the most important skill for future growth. This was the first time a survey didn’t show writing as the most important skill of the future. (The survey was international, and the sample size of 875 usable responses enabled various insights to be gained rather than enabling totally definitive conclusions.) The survey results:

Kim Harrison

Kim J. Harrison has authored, edited, coordinated, produced and published the material in the articles and ebooks on this website. He brings his experience in professional communication and business management to provide helpful insights to readers around the world. As he has progressed through his wide-ranging career, his roles have included corporate affairs management; PR consulting; authoring many articles, books and ebooks; running a university PR course; and business management. Kim has received several international media relations awards and a website award. He has been quoted in The New York Times and various other news media, and has held elected positions with his State and National PR Institutes.

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