Many benefits you can offer sponsors

Are you scratching your head trying to work out what goodies you can offer to entice potential sponsors? The following 64 ideas can help as thought starters for you.

You can use the benefits in different combinations for different levels of sponsorship and different types of companies you are pursuing. Don’t take all the suggestions literally – you should use the list to spark further ideas that uniquely suit your own event.

Ensure you connect with people’s imagination

Don’t hold your creativity back by taking the event literally. Put yourself in the shoes of the target audience and think about what they experience and the relationships and connections that are formed in people’s minds and imaginations from the activity or event.

If you attend a sports or community event or concert, your support or interest doesn’t just start and stop when the event starts and stops. Your interest is continual; otherwise you would not be a fan. Therefore, in seeking sponsorship, think of ways in which you can create an ongoing connection between the event/brand and the supporter. You are the facilitator. This will be much more powerful than just focusing on the event itself, which is over all too soon. Nevertheless, you should continue to feature more traditional benefits as part of the package.

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