Key Benefits of Promotional Products for Events and Conferences

Events and conferences are often replete with promotional products being given away as freebies to attendees who flock to grab swag bags from stalls in their droves. The question, then, is why is branded swag so popular, and what are the benefits of providing promotional products for events and conferences?

Promotional products continue to promote your brand into the future

One of the best things about promotional products is that they don’t just last as a marketing tool for brand-building for the duration of the event in question, but can continue to bolster the reputation and recognition of your business long into the future.

Of course it helps if the product in question is actually useful, rather than just being a novelty. For example, if it is something wearable like a t-shirt or hoodie, or perhaps even practical in a business context like a branded memory stick, then recipients will be more interested in hanging onto it.

This in turn will mean your brand will be seen by more people, and so you can gain word of mouth momentum. There are so many different promotional products to select from, so here are some suggestions to stimulate your thinking.

Your representatives will be recognizable

Promotional products are not just for giving away to event attendees; they can also be issued to the people who are representing your brand so that they are easy to identify in busy conference buildings, helping them stand out from the crowd.

You will need to make sure that the products are appropriate for employees to wear, if this is the angle you adopt. They need to be in keeping with what they are wearing as well as with the overall brand personality and industry niche that you occupy.

Giveaways will heighten your relationships with prospective customers and partners

Brand recognition is not the only way to win business, and promotional products offered freely to people who visit events and conferences where your organization is present will make these individuals feel warmly towards your organization, especially if this is their first connection.

You even have the flexibility to not just hand out swag to anyone who wants it, but to create a ticketed giveaway or even a competition which has promotional products as the prize. This will drum up even more interest and give people an extra reason to talk about your brand, reflecting it in a positive light.

The products can support your corporate culture

The promotional products you pick for events and conferences can act as a subliminal support for your business culture.

If you are keen to promote the sustainability of your goods and services, then opting for re-usable gifts like water bottles is worthwhile. If your brand is all about being fun as well as functional, then a set of branded sunglasses could exemplify this.

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to gain by having promotional products in your arsenal for events; the only thing to do now is plan carefully and place an order.

Photo: Pixabay

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