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  • Carefully crafted email subject lines are vital for effective communication

    As professional communicators we don’t usually consider we should have email expertise. We tend to think that emails are more in the domain of direct marketers. But when we consider the number of times PR people and organizational communicators use emails, we actually depend on them to influence and persuade more than we realize. We need them ...

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  • Layoffs cause a double whammy for PR people

    Most professional communicators are aware of the downsides of downsizing. The employees who leave are usually disgruntled and those who remain are often unproductive. Dealing with low staff morale is a major issue for management and the PR staff. Unfortunately, research shows that many retrenchment ('reform') programs aren’t successful. Companies speak of the need to reduce costs, ...

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  • Stakeholder relations management is a key skill

    Effective management of relationships with stakeholders is crucial to resolving issues facing organizations. By using their influence, stakeholders hold the key to the business and social environment in which your organization operates and therefore its subsequent financial and operating performance. Thus the effective management of stakeholder relations should be an essential focus of organizational activity. A stakeholder ...

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  • Praise and good recognition create big benefits

    Recognition of our good work is a powerful psychological motivator for everyone because we all want to see ourselves in a positive light. Praise and recognition are a fundamental human need, but are all too rare and given badly by most. This is one of the big tragedies in our society. I have seen it in workplace ...

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  • Use caution before committing to Twitter

    01 Jun | Social media

    Acerbic New York blogger BL Ochman has compiled a list of reasons why organizations should think carefully before plunging into the use of Twitter for marketing and communication activities. No doubt Ochman has seen what Donald Trump has done with Twitter, and she suggests being careful about using it as a corporate communication tool. Image: Twitter logo. ...

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  • Tip sheets are great for creating publicity

    01 Jun | Media relations

    If you are seeking to create publicity for a product or service, try writing a tip sheet. A tip sheet or advice sheet can be remarkably versatile, being valuable for use in a large or small business, government department and even an NGO. Media tip sheets are typically lists of tips on how to do something, or ...

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  • A ‘slicing technique’ that can improve the first 50 words of your writing

    This article by prolific New Zealand Web business writer, Sean D’Souza, is very useful as a guide for feature writing: You might like cake a lot. Yet, even the most adventurous of us, would hesitate to eat an entire cake. This is because the entire cake becomes too much to eat. And even if we did eat ...

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  • How to improve your project communication

    Good communication is the basis of effective project management. As leadership is about communication, you become a good project manager by communicating well, even without formal power Most key project information is gathered first by the formal or informal project leader. Then you need to summarize, filter and report progress to all project stakeholders, including the project ...

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