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  • Praise and good recognition create big benefits

    Recognition of our good work is a powerful psychological motivator for everyone because we all want to see ourselves in a positive light. Praise and recognition are a fundamental human need, but are all too rare and given badly by most. This is one of the big tragedies in our society. I have seen it in workplace ...

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  • Use caution before committing to Twitter

    01 Jun | Social media

    Acerbic New York blogger BL Ochman has compiled a list of reasons why organizations should think carefully before plunging into the use of Twitter for marketing and communication activities. No doubt Ochman has seen what Donald Trump has done with Twitter, and she suggests being careful about using it as a corporate communication tool. Image: Twitter logo. ...

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  • Improve your copywriting by getting specific

    The words in most mission statements, copy in websites and marketing communication text is unimaginative and cliché ridden. A quick scan of such text and the media releases in PR Newswire will quickly confirm that vague puffery surrounds us. How can such text be improved? A five-step process can improve promotional and marketing communication text: 1. Tell ...

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