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  • Begin networking immediately in a new job

      Most of us don’t feel comfortable setting out to network. Even many PR pros, who are assumed to be extraverted and have competent social skills, admit to feeling awkward in networking events or employee events when they are new. Whether or not you enjoy networking, the fact is it is an essential skill. I’ve heard many ...

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  • Create a better media page in your website to improve media coverage

    Good media coverage is still a key objective for most communicators. One way to maximize the odds of better coverage is to make it easier for reporters to find the information they want in your website. Most reporters these days use the web as their most important search tool. Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen conducted a series ...

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  • Poor communication causes most project management failures

    Have you noticed there is hardly any information available in the communication profession on the skills required to successfully manage projects? The academic literature hardly contains anything, and PR courses neglect this important aspect of our profession. Yet we are required to manage projects of varying complexity, often simultaneously and usually under time pressure. What’s more, most ...

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  • Seven tips to improve your writing

    Professional travel writer and copywriter Jennifer Stevens advocates following 7 steps to improve the quality of your text. Expert copywriter John Forde is a fan of hers. 1. The Necessity Hatchet Is each of your paragraphs really necessary? Cut those that aren't. Now read what's left. Is each of your sentences necessary? Can you get your idea ...

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