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  • 5 must-have qualities for effective negotiation skills

    The art of the deal - negotiation - requires creativity and skill. It tracks a fine line between conflict resolution, compromise, and avoiding an argument. At various points in all our lives, we need to engage in negotiation. How do we polish this key skill? Here, we look at some of the primary qualities required for effective ...

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  • Why your PR strategy requires an Agile approach

    The world has entered a challenging era, including the business landscape. To keep your organization afloat and competitive, it’s crucial to develop adaptable strategies, one of which is through directing serious attention to PR strategy. This article explains why you need an Agile PR strategy. First, understanding stakeholders and PR Public relations (PR) is the practice of ...

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  • 5 ways to prime yourself for a PR career

    17 Jun | Careers

    Public relations is a wide-ranging and popular career specializing in professional communication, and always in firm demand by employers. If you think that PR is just about influencer meets, product launches, and award nights, you have a lot more to learn about this exciting career path. One example of the vital role of public relations specialists is ...

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  • Write point-first online headlines for best results

    Headlines are online everywhere - in email subject lines, blog titles, social media posts, meta descriptions and page titles. They powerfully attract a reader’s initial attention and are likely to determine if the reader will continue to read the rest of the content. So what type of online headlines are the most effective? Point-first online headlines produce ...

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  • Managing dependencies in your Agile communication project management

    Agile project management has been developed as a more flexible and efficient way to manage a project by breaking it up into several phases. It involves constant collaboration between team members and project stakeholders, with continuous improvement the aim at every stage. Once the project begins - depending on its size and complexity - the team or ...

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  • Social media etiquette to guide you

    30 May | Social media

    Social media has changed the way people interact with one another in ways never thought imaginable. Not only has it allowed us to communicate and share with people all over the world, but it also comes with its own etiquette that not everyone is familiar with. As strange as it may sound to some, how you interact ...

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  • When small words become big words

    When small words become big words. Have you noticed how many words have been replaced by bigger versions of those words, which are unnecessary and even pretentious? I had some fun remembering examples of recent alternative uses, as well as spin-offs, as in the examples below. What are your thoughts about the following examples? Do you have ...

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  • 8 ideas to promote trust and unity among remote workers

    As the world has responded to the pressures of the COVID pandemic, many people have shifted to remote and hybrid work modes, and are being confronted by the problems of working as a team in their new work environment. When staff are operating remotely, one of their concerns is about maintaining a healthy work culture. Employee unity ...

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  • 9 reasons communication is essential to employee engagement

    Research shows employees are your most important stakeholder group. They have the power to drive your operations forward or to destroy your vision. Engaged employees are essential for organizational success, and effective communication is essential to employee engagement. Find out the 9 reasons communication is essential to employee engagement. In any business, your employees are your most ...

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  • How to get the best timing for successful media pitches

    06 Apr | Media relations

    Bad timing is the single biggest reason journalists reject media pitches. A total of 25% of journalists participating in the Muck Rack 2021 State of Journalism survey said bad timing by PR and comms pros consistently reduced the number of email pitches the journalists open, as shown in the table below. A total of 2,482 journalists were ...

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