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  • Why business communication is important for businesses

    17 May | Uncategorized

    Effective communication is crucial for the success of any business. For the interaction of management and employees, business communication is vital. Organizational communication has played an invaluable role during the ongoing COVID pandemic in reducing the uncertainties for employees about their organization's direction and decisions during this difficult time, which continues for all of us. Communication is ...

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  • Good recognition for hybrid employees is essential for workplace success

    Hybrid work looks like continuing to evolve as the way of the future. The concept of a hybrid workplace is very appealing, but employees in hybrid work modes can be difficult to manage because their varied locations make team communication, coordination and relationships more difficult. What’s really important in managing hybrid workers is the culture created along ...

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  • How to hire the best PR job candidates in 2022

    Many organizations have had quite a shake-up due to the pandemic. As a result, some may have had to go through redundancies, and others may have lost employees who've moved on to greener pastures. However, it's time to consider your workforce and whether new hires may be required. Picking the right job candidate is important, especially as ...

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  • 7 tips to increase your productivity in PR brainstorming sessions

      PR is an exhausting field to work in, creatively speaking. As a communication professional, you’re caught between the dry, demanding needs of business KPIs and deadlines on one hand, and the intense, boundless freedom of artistic imagination on the other hand. PR is also demanding because in practical terms it requires all-rounders. For instance, marketing and ...

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  • How to use features and benefits in your marketing communication

    Features describe a product or service. Benefits describe why those features matter, how they are useful to the target audience, and which attributes make the item more useful than alternatives from competitors. This article explains how to use features and benefits in your marketing communication Briefly - features tell, benefits sell. Features are often technical, describing what ...

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  • 6 strategies to boost PR employee retention by keeping staff engaged

    The global PR industry is dealing with a pandemic of its own - how to retain key talent, according to the ICCO World PR Report 2021-2022. Retaining talent is the number one challenge faced by PR leaders, according to Francis Ingham, Chief Executive of ICCO (International Communications Consultancy Organisation), which represents 3,000 PR firms in 82 countries ...

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  • How to use more emotional words to strengthen your messages

    02 Apr | Messaging

      People’s emotions influence what they buy and other decisions they make. Most people believe their decisions are based on rational analysis of the available alternatives. Therefore, most messaging is based on features and benefits, but emotions greatly influence and even determine peoples’ choices, according to market research. This conclusion applies to decisions by everyone, including consumers, ...

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  • How to write stronger article endings

    As a professional communicator, you need to use many styles of writing in your work, not just the widespread news writing formula of the 5 Ws and at least one H, which is based on the first paragraph of any news piece, as noted in my article, "Get greater impact at the start of your articles." But ...

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  • Qualities in a boss that team members want to see

      Different people want to see different traits in a leader. Some want their boss to be relaxed, some want their boss to push them harder. The best leaders tend to blend traits. It is crucial for leaders today to strike the right balance as we face uncertain times in the pandemic. This article describes 10 qualities ...

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  • What are transferable job skills, and how to make the most of them?

    04 Mar | Careers

    Your transferable job skills are critical to your success in finding and keeping a job. You have to convince employers of the skills you have, and which ones are best suited to the new role you are seeking. This is vital in the current volatile job market. Transferable skills are especially relevant now as many US workers ...

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