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Word-of-mouth marketing potent for communication campaigns

01 Jun, 2020 Communication campaigns, Marketing communication

While having a haircut recently, I was reminded of the power of word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. My barber Jacob, a part-time rapper and guitar player, said he doesn’t seek social media coverage to build up his fan base for gigs – he finds offline word-of-mouth more effective. This raises the question ...

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How to deal with rumors on the grapevine

01 Jun, 2020 Internal communication, Issues and crises, Messaging

This article has been quoted in the New York Times. Regardless of how well an organization formally communicates to its employees, people’s socialization needs will always lead employees to engage in informal conversations. Rumors often are one of the outcomes of such conversations. And if managers and supervisors don’t attend ...

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Listen to dissatisfied customers before they damage your reputation and business

01 Jun, 2020 Marketing communication

Most organizations – even government departments – transact goods or services of one kind or other to someone else. This means most of us are in a sales role to some extent. Not only that, many organizations have internal customers – fellow employees to whom we need to provide information ...

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